The world of social media is fast-paced and competitive. With LinkedIn’s buyout and Twitter still struggling to prove its financial worth to stakeholders, there are many new kids on the block elbowing for room to be the next big thing. These six new social apps have managed to rise to the top over the past few years. Will they transform the future of marketing? Let’s take a look at their potential to change the way businesses market their brand and products.

New social apps Anchor


“Radio by the people”
February 2016

Anchor is an auditory focused social sharing platform, available for download as a free iPhone app. Users can record and broadcast short audio clips, which Anchor calls “waves.” Other users in the Anchor community can listen to these audio clips and respond with their own waves. This conversation creates its own kind of podcast, that can then be shared across other channels.

Anchor announced its platform this past February. Podcasts are still not that easy to create, requiring knowledge of production technology and distribution platforms. Anchor provides a solution to this challenge by essentially democratizing auditory broadcasting and providing a way for people to not just listen, but to talk back. Its interface is easy to use, and recording your voice as a wave is, as their website explains, “just like talking on the telephone.”

New social apps Anchor screenshot

How can businesses use Anchor in their marketing?

  • This platform allows brands to create audio content that their audience can interact with and respond to immediately. Businesses can attract broader audiences by using hashtags, or notify people on the platform when you post a new wave
  • Anchor waves provide easy to create and mobile friendly media that can be shared to Twitter and Facebook from within the app.
  • Anchor allows links! Use your waves to start a conversation and provide a link back to your blog or website, where listeners can learn more about the topic.
  • Anchor give brands a way to distribute audio content to an audience that may include people who haven’t yet figured out podcasts, but are able to get on board this easy to use app.

New social apps Peach


“A fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself.”
January 2016

Peach is a social platform that is fun, but a little tricky to learn. You can post updates, connect with friends or brands, and create conversations. Posts seem like a mix of Twitter and Instagram updates, with a lot of videos and photos thrown into the mix. According to Peach, “Posting is as easy as texting—with a twist.” And therein lies the tricky part.

In a Peach update, you can use “Magic Words” that give you access to special features, such as “draw,” which opens a sketchpad so you can do a quick drawing. This somewhat secret system is reminiscent of Snapchat’s sometimes-challenging interface.

New social apps Peach screenshot

How can businesses use Peach in their marketing?

  • Many businesses are already on Peach, such as Rolling Stone. Getting in early on a platform that may be the next big thing for social could give your business a competitive edge with Peach users.
  • Peach allows links! You can include links in your posts to drive users back to your website or other useful information if they want to learn more about the topic.
  • Demonstrate how technology-savvy your business is by signing up for this growing social media platform.

New social apps Blab


“Blab is where you go to hangout with your crew.”

Founded in 2015, Blab is a free desktop and mobile group video broadcasting platform that is still in beta form. In Blab, you can live stream a video conference by hosting a blab, and have up to four people displayed on your panel at once. Other users can tune in to watch, tweet, and chat, all on the same screen. Brands such as NASA and Cisco, are using the platform to create deeper engagement with audiences on an increasingly popular platform.

New social apps Blab screenshot

How can businesses use Blab in their marketing?

  • Blab’s approach to group video broadcasting is more interactive, with less of a formal interview approach than Google Hangouts. People can join your panel easily while a broadcast is taking place, tweet about it on the left panel, and chat about it on the right panel. Businesses can use Blab to create the ultimate brand engagement experience.
  • Businesses can not only share blabs on Twitter and Facebook from within the platform, they can also embed the live broadcast on their website. This provides brands with a big opportunity to drive audiences to their websites.
  • Blab is more like moderating a discussion that others can join, rather than just you talking to your audience. In an app like Periscope or in Facebook Live, there is not that much opportunity for users to contribute to the conversation, but on Blab, businesses can create meaningful conversations and build stronger relationships.

New social apps Yik Yak

Yik Yak

“Find your herd.”

Founded in 2013, Yik Yak describes itself as “a location-based social network that helps people discover their local community.” Basically, Yik Yak allows you to start conversations with the people around you, and seeks to build stronger local communities through social media. The main app is available as a free download for mobile, but you can also access Yik Yak on desktop.

Yik Yak is a cross between a chat platform and an online forum. You can start chats with individuals, post updates with photos, or reply to a trending topic or thread.

New social apps Yik Yak screenshot

How can businesses use Yik Yak in their marketing?

  • Because Yik Yak is location-based, businesses can use the app to connect with local customers, or to increase their community presence.
  • Businesses can jump in on trending topics relevant to their brands and contribute useful information or content, improving brand awareness within their local communities.

New social apps Kik


“Kik lets you connect with friends, groups, and the world around you through chat.”

Founded in 2009, Kik is, “a chat app that lets users connect with people, services, and businesses.” This instant messaging platform is available as a free download for mobile devices.

New social apps Kik screenshot

How can businesses use Kik in their marketing?

  • According to Kik’s website, the app has more than 300 million registered users and, more than 40 percent of young Americans are actively using Kik as their primary messenger app. There is a big opportunity for brands to reach younger audiences by engaging them through Kik.
  • Businesses can promote chats to Kik users, and they can create chat bots to engage users directly. Brands such as H&M, Yahoo News, Burger King, Vine, and more are taking advantage of these opportunities.

New social apps Wanelo


“Wanelo is a mall on your phone, curated by people.”

Founded in 2011, “Wanelo is a mall on your phone, curated by people.” It is a free mobile app that lets you shop directly on the platform, mostly for fashion products, and connect with your community. Users can post photos of different style and products, and connect with friends as well as stores. Plus, when you “save” products you like, the Wanelo app will start to learn your style so it can suggest other items you might be interested in.

Wanelo screenshot New social apps

How can businesses use Wanelo in their marketing?

  • Businesses can create a Wanelo store page to sell their products and connect with shoppers. They can also claim a store, if it already exists on the app.
  • Wanelo rivals Shop with Pinterest because of its community approach to shopping and visual interface. Whether or not Shop with Pinterest pushes out Wanelo, or this new app proves itself to have the competitive edge, remains to be seen.

Businesses looking to get ahead in their industries can become early adopters of these social platforms and gain a crucial advantage over their competitors. Using these apps gives your business access to cutting-edge social technology that could be the next big thing.

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