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Blogging is a lucrative pastime for many, and these days it’s essential that bloggers keep their fingers on the pulse while they’re on the go. These apps will help you to blog often and well, from anywhere in the world. Get your voice heard!

Use Blogsy

Blogsy is an app designed to simplify blogging on your iPad. It’s not free, but if you’re serious about blogging it can be invaluable as it effectively replaces your existing blogging platform’s back end, allowing you to format text with an easy-to-use toolbar and drag and drop images and video into your media libraries. The interface is simple and elegant and it supports and integrates with WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, Flickr, Youtube, Facebook and most other blogging/social media platforms.

Don’t Type, Talk

Dragon Dictation allows you to speak to your iPad and turn speech into text! Perfect if you’ve got a lot to say but very little time, or if you can’t be bothered to type. It’s smooth and simple, and all you need to do once you’ve dictated your blog post is copy and paste the text.


You don’t have to be a seasoned blogger for this one. Most people already know that Instagram is one of the most powerful photo blogging tools around. It is extremely popular, and allows you to share artistic, high-quality images with a large online community. Photographers, you need this app.

Organize Your Life

Bloggers need to be self-aware, smart and organized, and nothing helps more than Workflowy. This app is for creative thinkers who like to create more complex, multi-layered to-do lists. This app is great for planning projects or brainstorming. You can create tasks and sub-tasks, and everything you do is archived so you can always look back over what you’ve blogged about or researched.

Connect With Your Audience

Ask for their opinions using PollDaddy. This app allows you to create surveys and polls for fat feedback. It’s easy to use, and the surveys you create are easy to customize and analyse. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads.

Sprout Social

Bloggers will love this. The Sprout Social app clearly displays social media activities, and lets you manage your output, as well as analysing your audience. From a single dashboard, you get an overview of all the analytics and data you will ever need – never be confused about your blog stats again.

There you go, bloggers; share and enjoy. And remember to ask your audience questions, be unique, and make people laugh – those are the best ways to get traffic. Never let your blog be dull!

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