digest your news faster apps

I don’t know about you, but I’m inundated with links, news, and feeds. It’s so overwhelming that I find myself not consuming as much news as I would like.

That’s why I looked for apps to help me digest the top news today faster and on-the-go. Here are six apps that will help you consume news faster and more efficient.

Colony FM


If you are one of those who always want to be in the loop but simply does not have the time to sit down and read the news, Colony FM makes it all easy for you. This app presents content in narrated form so you can listen to blogs, articles and even Reddit while you are on the go. Curated content are narrated into short podcast-like clips by real people and it is offered completely free at this time.

So whether you are on desktop or commuting to work, all you need to do put in your earbuds as not to miss the latest news, the sizzling showbiz updates or the new interesting blog posts.



If you prefer actively discussing the news with someone instead of passively reading them off from a site, Quartz may be a fun and engaging alternative for you. First off, you choose which topics you want to be alerted about and from there, Quartz will send you messages, photos, GIFs and links so you can pursue to ones you are interested in.

You can respond and keep an ongoing conversation about the topic but each session is short and sweet so it’s perfect for those scenarios where you just want to kill time.



Getting hold of the most important things can sometimes be overwhelming as it takes checking out dozens of news sites equating to hours of your time. BriefMe is an app which delivers you only the hottest Top 10 news at the moment saving you a chunk of your day without missing out on the most important events of the day.

The app’s ranking system calculates the most popular items chosen by ordinary people to determine how viral an article is in real time. It is also made up of different sections, such as sports, politics, business but compared to other sites, it only delivers that ones that matter.



NYT Now is a free, easy -to-use app from The New York Times. Their curators scout The New York Times and the World Wide Web to bring you the best selections delivered in summary and bullet point format so you can get your daily dose of content in the most efficient way possible.

Their articles are updated round the clock with the freshest ones pushed on top of your news feeds. You can also enjoy a feature which can prop you up before you start your day: the Morning Briefing.



When you stumble into an interesting content but don’t have time to read it just yet, most of the time you bookmark them or send a link to yourself but alas, once you get the chance to view it due to idle time in the train, there is no internet connection and it won’t load at all. This is one of the issues that Pocket has solved for people who need to save discovered content for accessing at a later time or for them to recommend the content to friends.

The stories you save syncs across your devices so you can come back to it again without the need for Wi-Fi. It also makes it easier for you to print items you tagged, gives you unlimited storage, offers text-to-speech capability, auto dark mode and has Dyslexie for all users, a font which was designed to make reading more pleasurable for people with dyslexia.



Instapaper is another app where you can download an article for later and access it without need for internet connection. It boasts one of its main features, a text-optimized view, where formatting of the content had been modified depending on the device being used for maximum reading efficiency.

It also prides itself with adjustable fonts, color themes, spacing options, text-to-speech, article-sorting capabilities, the presence of folders for organization, the ability to highlight sections and social media sharing. Instapaper makes internet reading a clean and uncluttered experience for everyone.