mobile app marketingThe 5 W’s are something that most writers are familiar with. The same 5 W’s can also be applied when it comes to marketing your mobile app.


The most important part of marketing your mobile app is to have a clear idea of whom you are trying to market your app to. It’s physically impossible to market your app to everyone because not everyone needs your app. Find out what niche is most likely to use your app and come up with a marketing strategy that will appeal to that demographic. Once you have that demographic nailed down and etched your place in their minds, then you can move on to different markets.


Being able to choose what demographic to market to only comes from a clear understanding of what your mobile app does. This includes knowing the good and bad aspects of your app. What does it help people with? What parts of it could give people trouble? Asking your sales, marketing and development teams questions like these can help raise your understanding of your app. The more you know about your app, the easier it will be to come up with a marketing strategy.


Nowadays, mobile app marketing is a 24-hour a day job. Even when you are sleeping, people all over the world are still searching the web for apps that will make their lives easier. This means that your marketing strategy has to be timeless. Having a timeless marketing strategy means that any links you schedule to post must have something to do with your app in some way, shape or form. Content can be viewed at any hour of the day and it is your job to develop content that will keep people interested, even if they are looking at your app at 3 o’clock in the morning.


The “where” aspect of mobile app marketing is quite similar to the “when” aspect in that people are able to view your content not only at any time, but also anywhere. This once again means that the content you put out marketing your mobile app has to immediately grab people’s attention and keep it. There’s a good chance that people are doing their app research while on the move so having clear, concise and gripping content that hits home for the audience is the only way to ensure that your message will be received. Taking too long to deliver your message could be the difference in getting a download or getting skipped over.


When it comes to marketing your app, the question of “Why?” should never cross the audience’s mind. It is the job of the marketing team to ask questions so the audience doesn’t have to. When people view your content about your app, they should be able to quickly have a clear understanding of what your app does and why it is important for them to download it. After finishing the article, promo video, or any other promotion for your app, there should never be a question in the audience’s mind as to “Why was that in there?”, “What was the point of that?”, “Why is this app showing up in my search?”

Being able to answer the 5 W’s of mobile app marketing will allow you and your business to come up with a clear marketing strategy and save a lot of time, energy, headaches and especially money. Communication with the development and sales teams makes answering these mobile app marketing questions even easier.

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