Traditional, punch card-based customer loyalty rewards programs are quickly giving way to mobile rewards apps. This is because mobile rewards apps offer a new level of functionality and information that, as a business owner, you can use to boost your profitability.

Here are 5 ways mobile rewards apps help you get the most out of your business.

1. Retention

Your best customer is the one you already have. Loyal customers buy more and do business with you more frequently. Therefore it is essential to maintain your customer base, and a mobile rewards app can facilitate just that. By offering your loyal customers incentives for return visits through a mobile loyalty rewards app, you can ensure that you retain as many customers as possible.

2. Frequency

Loyalty rewards apps also provide you with a valuable tool to make sure those loyal customers come back more frequently. With a mobile rewards app in place, you can offer your customers deals that reward them for coming in more frequently.

For example, Pirq’s rewards app allows you to offer your customers a deal after they have received a punch for a visit. Your customers may not have planned to return to your business so soon, but because of your loyalty rewards app, your customers have access to a deal that will provide a great incentive to return. So if you offer your customers a large discount for a return visit within 2 days after a punch, they will very likely return in the next two days. Who can say, “No,” to such deal?

By offering your customers better deals for more and more frequent visits, you can, with a mobile loyalty rewards app, increase customer frequency dramatically.

3. Increase Off-Peak Sales

You probably have a fairly good idea of when most of your sales take place, but a mobile rewards app will make data collection on your sales trends automated and easy. Once implemented, your loyalty rewards app gives you insight into day by day sales trends. And once you have identified exactly when your peak and off-peak hours occur, rewards apps like Pirq can help you drive sales during those off-peak hours and increasing your overall sales numbers.

4. Acquire New Customers

While your mobile rewards app helps your business retain customers and bring them in more often, it also increases new customer sales. When you implement a rewards app like Pirq, any potential customer already using the app has access to the offers you make. For example, deals are available to tens of thousands of existing customers who use the Pirq app everyday. A customer already using Pirq, even if she has never heard of your business, suddenly has an incentive to do business with you. In this way, a mobile rewards app can provide you with a valuable marketing tool to drive new sales.

5. Cultivate Brand Champions

As your customers use your rewards app and gain access to better and better deals, they will use social media to spread the word to their friends. After all, everyone loves a deal, and everyone loves to share great deals. Improving relationships via your rewards program will help to turn your customers into Brand champions. These brand champions will bring in new customers by promoting your business to friends and social media.

Mobile rewards apps not only help you retain current customers, they get them back to your business more frequently. These apps also serve as an invaluable marketing tool to drive new sales. Mobile rewards apps like Pirq provide your business with a loyalty rewards program that takes the idea of the punch card into a new realm of business possibility.