Would you ever want to travel cross country if it meant traveling 5 months in a Conestoga wagon? Probably not… especially with the threat of dysentery and snake bites around every corner. Thankfully today, traveling is much easier (and cheaper) than it was in the days of the Oregon Trail.

Comfortable and affordable air travel is open to everyone these days, and globetrotters around the world are rejoicing. Travel apps have reason to celebrate as well, as increasingly more tech-friendly travelers seek out trip planning apps to help serve as their guides abroad. A study by TripAdvisor revealed that 42% of travelers worldwide use smartphones to plan or book their trips!

Because travel is accessible for people from all walks of life, this also means there is a wide range of individuals who travel, with different budgets, tastes, and planning styles.

Successful travel apps develop different campaigns designed for different travel user segments, as messages designed for budget audiences won’t appeal to luxury travelers.

We’ll show you how to create campaigns for five of the most common travel user segments, with push messages and in-app communications to win over any wanderer.

1. Budget Backpacker


The Budget Backpacker is usually young, relatively new to travel, and is not looking to spend much money.

Traveling on the cheap, these users will be won over with discounts, assistance in finding hostels, push notifications about nearby deals, and sightseeing agendas revolving around free activities.

Campaigns You Might Run for the Budget Backpacker:

Push Message #1: “Visit La Sagrada Familia on Wednesday night for a 50% off entrance fee!”

Send push messages advertising special discounts and deals, personalized for a user’s location and visit dates. Many Budget Backpackers are on the younger side, so consider promoting student specials for museums and tours.

Push Message #2: “Looking for a place to stay? El Porto Hostel has rooms for just 20 euro”

Since Budget Backpackers are looking for cheap lodging, be sure to highlight low-cost options.

In-App Notification: “Welcome to Barcelona! View your free in-app walking guide here – we’ll show you the sites!”

Drive app engagement and loyalty by offering free walking guides, sightseeing lists, and other free travel resources for backpackers.

2. Spontaneous Wanderer


The Spontaneous Wanderer is a free spirit – these individuals go where the wind takes them. Instead of booking ahead, they choose to make plans on the fly.

Campaigns You Might Run for the Spontaneous Wanderer:

Push Message #1: “Looking for a place to stay? There are 23 rooms available at Sevres Saint Germain Hotel – Book now!”

Help the Spontaneous Wanderer book rooms at the last minute so that they can sleep with a roof over their head.

Push Message #2: “Guided tours start at The Louvre museum at 10am, 1pm, and 3pm. Book a tour now!”

Since these users don’t have plans pre-arranged, they’ll appreciate informative push messages that help them structure their days.

In-App Notification: Wondering what to do next? See our list of top activities for Paris, France”

Use in-app notifications to help these users browse and select various activities that are recommended for their current globe destination.

3. Pre-Travel Planner


Pre-Travel Planners are the polar opposites of the Spontaneous Wanderers. Whereas the spontaneous travelers book nothing, Pre-Travel Planners book ahead everything that they can (oftentimes months in advance).

Pre-travel Planners appreciate structure, agendas, and don’t like when their arrangements change last minute. Sometimes Pre-Travel Planners are organizing a trip for a school group or travel club, while other times these users simply prefer to feel in control (especially in travel situations where there is often an added element of the unknown and excitement).

Regardless of why they choose to plan ahead, the Pre-Travel Planners need to be kept in the know.

Campaigns You Might Run for the Pre-Travel Planner:

Push Message #1: “Flight 364 to London has changed gates, now leaving out of 52B”

Pre-Travel Planners need to know about any changes ASAP. Make sure to notify them whenever something unexpected comes up.

Push Message #2: “Don’t forget – you’re booked for the 10:00am Tower of London tour”

Pre-Travel planners are organized and appreciate knowing that they are on schedule with confirmation notifications.

In-App Notification:Today: Lunch at The Manor Cafe and a ride on the London Eye. Tomorrow: Changing of the Guards and Harry Potter tour. See your entire schedule now.”

Use in-app notifications to help planners get a bird’s eye view of their travel arrangements.

4. Big Spender


Big Spenders have money to burn and are ready to get the most of their trips. These users have expensive tastes, so only deliver high-quality offerings and avoid the kind of language you might use with the Budget Backpacker. Deliver top of the line experiences to the Big Spender that they’ll never forget.

Campaigns You Might Run for the Big Spender:

Push Message #1: “The Ultimate Venice Tour: A private gondola ride, complete with wine, dinner, and serenading. Book now!”

Big spenders want the best you have to offer, so go ahead and introduce them to higher-end experiences they might be interested in. Promote these experiences as the “best”, “ultimate,” and “exclusive” to entice those users with deep wallets.

Push Message #2: “Upgrade your hotel room to the penthouse suite – now available”

Be sure to offer Big Spenders upgrades that might be relevant to them. These users are willing to pay extra for premium lodging.

In-App Notification: “Join our Gold Club for exclusive access to the best hotels and dining across the globe!”

Big spenders enjoy the luxuries of life. Use in-app messaging to promote private memberships that provide exclusive access to benefits and services.

5. Once In A Lifetime Adventurer


The Once In A Lifetime Adventurers are hungry for action and are down to try anything. While the Adventurers can share many qualities with the Big Spender, there are a few core differences.

Big Spenders will dish out extra dough for anything from dining and lodging, but the Adventurers will only spend extra on truly exceptional experiences.

Often thrill seekers, these YOLO advocates want stories to tell their friends and adventures they’ll never forget.

Campaigns You Might Run for the Once In A Lifetime Adventurer:

Push Message #1: “Don’t leave Bangkok without visiting the floating markets and seeing a snake taming show – Book our Bangkok Adventure Tour and see both!”

Entice Adventurers with exceptional experiences that they can’t say no to! The more unusual and special, the more likely they’ll be to sign up.

Push Message #2: “You’ve always wanted to skydive – now is the time! Chiang Mai Skydiving is just 3 miles away!”

Adventurers love to check off bucket list items, so make sure to promote daring escapades to entice them.

In-App Message: “Become a Premium user to see all the top-rated adventures for your destination, plus 20% on all bookings!”

Focusing on the adventure will excite these YOLO travelers, and throwing in some discounts for those can’t-miss activities will help seal the deal.

Create campaigns for these five specific travel segments and you’ll have targeted, personalized messages that will appeal to any traveler, no matter what their globetrotting style!

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