Television plays a pretty powerful role in our lives, revealing stories from different cultures and worlds we could never hope to explore on our own.

The manner in which individuals engage with television can vary, and for tv-based apps, understanding how various audiences consume media differently will help them craft the most appropriate and successful campaigns for any given segment.

We’ve highlighted five key audiences below, along with a few suggested campaigns that might speak to those segments. Do you agree with our audience assessments? Let us know what you think- and don’t touch that remote!

1. Casual Viewer

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The casual viewer will watch a show when it pops up on cable, but isn’t inclined to follow the white rabbit into the proverbial bunny hole of television. They prefer series style shows that have episodes with self-contained arcs, requiring the least amount of commitment.

These viewers are also less likely to seek out new shows, so it’ll be your job to introduce them to fresh-off-the-press shows they might like.

Campaigns You Might Run for the Casual Viewer:

Apps with cable offerings might try to catch the casual viewer at an opportune moment, and encourage them to turn on the TV. Use location and time zone targeting to provide precise information about when viewers should tune in.

Push Notification: “Don’t miss one of TV’s hottest new shows – Designated Survivor @ 7pm EST tonight!”

When possible, you’ll also want to use data about what show these viewers have enjoyed in the past to better market to them.

Push Notification: “If you loved How I Met Your Mother, check out New Girl – a show about a gang of roommates searching for love in LA. Watch it now!”

2. Obsessed Super Fan


The obsessed super fan loves television, and when they get into a show, they dive in headfirst. These viewers know the backstory of every side character, read lengthy AV Club episode analyses, and spend time debating theories in online forums. They may or may not own a House Targaryen t-shirt.

You don’t need to baby these viewers – they already know when new episodes of their favorite shows are available for streaming. Instead, focus on providing these die-hard followers with exclusive interviews, behind the scenes bonuses, or trivia they can test their hard-won knowledge with.

Push Notification: Ex. “Do you deserve to be ruler of Westeros? Test your knowledge and see how many links you have on your Maester’s chain”

Push Notification: “Catch exclusive behind-the-scenes action on the making of The Battle of the Bastards – see how it happened!”

3. Multi-Show Maverick


Multi-show mavericks tend to keep up with several different shows at once. They don’t get quite as obsessed as the super fans do, but certainly take their shows more seriously than M. Night Casual-Man at the top of this list.

Since these viewers partake in a plenitude of shows across genres, it’s easy for them to let a few fall off the radar. With so many options, they might need some encouragement to continue watching certain shows, so don’t hesitate to remind them when a new season drops or when they’ve suddenly gone dark mid-season five of The Walking Dead.

Push Notification: “Who dies next on The Walking Dead? Finish watching season 5 to find out!”

A similar strategy can be used during in-app activity to encourage viewers to keep watching.

In-App Message: “Only two more episodes before the season finale that critics are calling “the last thing we expected” – keep watching to see what happens!”

4. All Night Binger

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The all night binger is not well-versed in the art of self-control. When he finds a show he likes, he consumes it with ravenous abandon. He prefers watching shows after they already have at least an entire season under their belts, allowing him to devour a season all in one sitting, rather than viewing a trickle of episodes one week at a time.

Due to his binging nature, he prefers streaming channels and often opts for streaming services that release entire seasons at once, making him more inclined to subscribe to services like Amazon Video or Netflix over Hulu, which tends to focus on more week-by-week network shows (although this is quickly changing as emphasis on original programming grows).

With the all night binger, it’s best to engage him at night and on the weekends, when he can let his Mr. Hyde go full couch potato.

Push Notification: “Another Nor’easter is on the way – based on your favorite shows, we think you’ll love the new hit TV show, Sneaky Pete. Let the binging begin!”

Television apps might consider partnering with food delivery services to give the all night binger another reason to stay at the screen rather than brave the harsh elements of the outside world.

Push (or In-App) Message: “Hungry? We’re partnering with Foodler to give you $3 off your next delivery so you can keep streaming! Offer expires in 24 hours.”

5. The Rotten Tomatoes Critic

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The Rotten Tomato critic is – let’s face it – a bit of a snob. They refuse to watch anything under an 80% fresh rating, and rely heavily on television ratings and social proof to support their viewing choices. They won’t just watch any old TV show – only the best for these media-oriented minds!

Push Notification:This Is Us has a 90% tomato meter – see what all the hype is about and start watching now!”

Final Thoughts

Identifying your audiences allows you to craft specific messages and campaign strategies that will appeal to their unique viewing habits. Discover your users’ viewing habits and cater to them!

What kind of TV viewer are you? Any media-loving audience segments we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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