With the advent of fast paced smart phones, handy tablets and various other mobile gadgets, maximum traffic to any site is entered through mobile channels. The mobile version, however, is crisp and compact as compared to your fully loaded site. The prime problem here is of keeping the essence and message intact while projecting the contents for M-site for your portal. Here are the ways which makes you set your things better on your mobile site…

Keep the content simple

As the visitors peep into your mobile site, they should not be greeted with a complete mess of words. Let the compact and crisp content served to the seeker. Whatever the topic is, the content should take care of the size of the mobile screen and make the visitor convenient to read through. Lengthy contents as used on pc version of the sites invite disinterest on mobile phones. Even if the content is required to be extended on multiple pages, it should be displayed with distinct separation. Single complete message regarding the topic should appear on single page.

Lighten the Layout

Bulky layouts and too much of design in the pages not only takes time to open but also obstruct the reading experience. Try not to use illustrations in every topic you project. The individuality of the topics can be best preserved with distinct headlines. Might you stress to make your mobile site more pleasing, but the user would be at the receiving end. Small and less weighty icons could work as good option for images. Avoid too much of color use in the pages and designed projections in your mobile site. Sites like Every-Record.com, 9Leafs etc have a simple structure which is ideal for making sites mobile friendly.

First thing First

Pay prominence to what you want to show first. The most important content should be displayed on the very first page. The choice of the contents is the key here, as the user has to play with too little space. The first thing you project should inspire the user to dig deeper. The choice of content depends on the nature and style of your site. For example, if you are serving news then the most exciting top stories should form the crux of your first page. Some handy technological tips always make the user delve through the mobile.

Top Up with Handy Tools

Beside the list of top contents, there should also be little space for user friendly tools that add value to your M-site. The handy tools should also provide links to other important pages of your site. However, make sure the tools should not bother the user too much. Avoid pop-up tools as long as it does not hit your commercial interest. Even if they do, try to distribute them evenly on your pages. Only useful tools should be projected on the first page.

Adjustable is Awesome

Varying options for reading the pages should also be provided in order to viewing your mobile site easily. This would certainly add to the convenience of the users using different screen modes and settings. The idea here is to provide customized viewing experience to the user as per his mobile phone compatibility. At least one extra view should be provided as optional for those who are not able to view your default version properly.