Time Management Tools WomanAs a local business owner, you may not have the luxury of hiring an administrative assistant. And without someone to help you, feeling frazzled may (all too often) seem like a normal part of every day life.

Don’t stress — easing your clerical workload is what we’re here for! Check out the following list of time management tools we’ve compiled for you below.

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Project Tracking, Appointment Setting, and Licensing

1. Followup.cc

Followup keeps small business owners on task with email reminders that show up in an inbox when it’s time to follow-up on an item. There’s an option to archive emails for resending at a later date and Salesforce integration intuitively logs activity under a customer’s record.

2. Smartsheet

If your brain works best in spreadsheets, Smartsheet is a good option and requires no downloads or installation. With just an internet connection, small business owners can use Smartsheet for everything from project to-do lists to sales tracking.

3. Wrike

Projects that require input from a number of collaborators are easily managed with Wrike, a program that brings data from multiple projects into a single workspace. Its interactive dashboard shows real-time activity streams and instant email notifications that make it easy for local business owners to monitor progress.

4. Appointment-Plus

For online scheduling solutions, Appointment-plus is an efficient way to make reservations. James Bogash, D.C., clinician and owner of Lifecare Chiropractic, has been using Appointment-plus for nearly four years.

“We were using an appointment book prior to Appointment-plus, but stats were difficult to keep track of and it wasn’t a good system for multiple therapists,” he says. “Appointment-plus tracks statistics and current and past appointments, and emails reminders to both the patients and the therapist.”

Mariya Moore, owner of AZ Body Therapy, adds: “With Appointment-plus, there is no playing phone tag. I don’t have to stress about answering the phone all the time because the clients know they can book online.”

5. License123

Finally, another important administrative duty is licensing. Depending on the type of local business you run, permits and licensing might be a requirement to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws.

License123 provides you with a list of the required and optional licenses in your area, along with the estimated applications and fees associated with them. If the license can be filed electronically, they’ll even send you direct links to the online forms and applications.

Local business owners: What are your favorite time management tools to help you stay on track?

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