1. Build mental strength: Anki

Are you studying for an important upcoming exam or just need a bit of help remembering peoples’ birthdays? Anki is a flashcard program for desktop and mobile that helps you build long term memory using spaced repetition, a learning technique dating back to the 19th century that “incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material” to promote long term recall of knowledge. Numerous studies have shown that this type of long term focused learning is more effective than traditional cramming.



Anki allows you to create multiple decks of flashcards and prompts you to study them in customizable time intervals, difficulty levels and order of flashcards. Here is a neat story about how an opera singer used Anki to learn 4 languages in a few years.

2. Travel more: TripIt

Got a case of wanderlust, but dread the thought of organizing flight and hotel itineraries? TripIt makes it super easy to instantly access flight and hotel booking info via the web or mobile app. After signup, TripIt combs your email inbox for confirmations emails from airlines, trains, and hotels and adds them to your itinerary. You can add additional info for ground transportation or local activities to each itinerary. TripIt sends helpful email notifications to you a couple days before an upcoming trip to make sure you’re prepared. You can also easily share your itineraries with other TripIt users.


I recently used TripIt for a trip involving 6 flights in 3 weeks all over Asia and it worked like a charm!

3. Learn about your family history: 23andMe

2014 will be the year you sit down with your Grandma to learn all about your roots! How about something to get that conversation going? “23andMe is a DNA analysis service providing information and tools for individuals to learn about and explore their DNA.” The process begins by ordering a $99 DNA kit. Send it back to 23andMe with your saliva sample, and you’ll receive a report on the geographical origins of your DNA and possible relatives with shared genes. They also have helpful family tree tools to help you preserve your history and learnings.


One Iterable team member tried 23andMe and found out he has the genes of a potential world-class sprinter!

4. Pick up an instrument: Chordify

Trying to pick up the guitar, ukulele or piano, but have trouble finding the chords for your favorite song? Chordify is a website that allows you to choose a song via Youtube, Soundcloud or an mp3 upload, and then shows you the chords for the song as it plays. It also has helpful chord and note charts for guitar, uke and piano. You can download the chords as a PDF file if you want to practice offline.


5. De-stress: HeadSpace

Do you want to to get a handle on your stress levels and feel better, mentally? Headspace, a project started by Andy Puddicombe, aims at demystifying meditation and making it relevant and easy to practice for everyone. Headspace delivers soothing 10 minute-long meditation sessions through a web or mobile app. It guarantees that within a couple days, you’ll notice reduced stress and a better mood. It’s also a great way to kill time during your stressful daily commute or unwind at the end of the day.


Headspace, “like a gym membership for the mind”

We hope you find these tools helpful for accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions. Do you have a favorite tech tool? Share in the comments below!

This blog post was originally featured on the Iterable blog.