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Social media marketing doesn’t always happen at your desk.

There are times when you want to update your status, send out a tweet or reply to a fan while on-the-go. This is when you rely on social media mobile apps to make it all possible.

Social media mobile apps give you the flexibility to work from anywhere and they let you get things done with a simple touch on your phone.

They also eliminate the need to return to your desk every time you want to post something to your social media accounts.

Here are 5 social media mobile apps that can make on-the-go social media marketing a breeze for you.

1. DrumUp

DrumUp is very different from other social media management tools. It searches for content that relates to your business and gives you a fresh stream of recommendations every day. It also allows you to schedule the content on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For businesses that require a constant stream of good quality content, DrumUp can work wonders.

To start getting your content, all you need to do is fill in some keywords that relate to your business.

For example, if you run your own photography business, you can input keywords like photography, wedding photography, camera techniques etc. DrumUp will give you interesting, share-worthy stories that can be posted straight to your social media accounts.

These stories are then queued for publishing based on a schedule that DrumUp thinks is best. You can even set your own time for posting the content depending on your preferences. You can also review and edit the queued posts before they are published.

DrumUp has a simple user interface that is easy to use, and acts as a central dashboard where you can manage multiple social media accounts.

It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning algorithms to return good quality content recommendations and there are plans of improving the application such that it can generate content that is specific to a location by learning and understanding keywords.

DrumUp is being offered for free, and is a definite must-have social media mobile app because of the convenience it brings to your content discovery efforts.

You can download and use it for free on your Android devices.

2. Mention

If you have been looking for a way to monitor your brand and keep track of how it is performing on social media, Mention is the mobile app for you.

The Mention app gives you an insight into what people are saying about your brand, and whether the buzz around your brand is positive or negative. Using the application is quite simple.

You can put in keywords that are specific to your brand, and the application will monitor the web for those keywords. It will also send across real-time alerts whenever your brand gets talked or written about.

As a business owner, you might be in need of an application that lets you tackle any kind of emergency damage control. With Mention’s real-time alerts, you get quick notifications if something requires attention and prompt action.

You can also get notified about whether your brand mentions are positive, negative or neutral – which can be quite beneficial when it comes to creating a proper social media marketing strategy.

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If you see a brand mention, you can easily see the person it came from and respond to it from directly within the application without having to open another website or replying via email. The free application lists all your alerts in order of priority and gives you the ability to assign certain tasks to other team members – all from within the application.

Mention app is available on Android and iOS devices.

3. Facebook Pages Manager

While Facebook might get used for more personal activities, Facebook Pages Manager makes it possible to use Facebook for business with just as much ease. For Facebook page administrators, this tool brings a lot of convenience in updating business pages on-the-go.

Facebook Pages Manager is quite similar in appearance to the regular Facebook application – which makes it easier to use and navigate.

The app allows page administrators to publish updates on multiple pages without any hassle. Page administrators can also look at all the pages they are managing, and the number of administrators there are.

It also allows you to see the account and privacy settings. All these settings can be easily seen on the homepage without having to switch between tabs. The best feature this application provides is the ability to separate personal and business pages – which helps avoid any kind of accidental posting.

Using Facebook Pages Manager you can monitor the performance of your content because the app lets you see the number of people who have liked, commented or shared your published content.

You can also give other administrators access to specific pages from within the application. This mobile app is a great way to keep your Facebook pages up-to-date even when you are away from your desktop.

The app is free for download on Android and iOS devices.

Facebook Pages Manager - social media mobile apps

Image Source: Google Play

4. News Reader by Feedly

News Reader by Feedly is an awesome mobile application if you are constantly on the look-out for great content. This free app is available on both Android and iOS, and it gives you the ability to discover fresh sources for content.

You can add various RSS feeds to the app, including feeds for your favorite website and blogs, and all the content will be available for browsing in one application.

Account set up is easy and can be done through either Facebook or Google. Once you have an account set up, you just need to add your preferred feeds to the application.

News Reader classsifies all content in categories like travel, marketing, films, photography etc., which simplifies the process of browsing through the content on your smartphones.

Most of all, News Reader by Feedly works with various social accounts like Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more – so you can share your favorite content through these social media websites. It also lets you conduct a search for trending topics in case you are looking to discover new content sources.

5. Sparksfly

Quite similar to News Reader by Feedly, this mobile application is pretty cool. The application is designed to bring up content recommendations that are based on your content preferences. This is made possible due to a specific algorithm that the application uses.

The application allows you to search for content and filter it by adding keywords that are relevant to your area of interest. You can also add various social networks and other users if you like the content that a specific user is sharing.

Based on the content that you prefer to read regularly, you can create various “routines” on Sparksfly, making it easier to browse through content that you are interested in.

These “routines” give you great content recommendations which can later be shared on social media networks with friends, family and colleagues.

Sparksfly - social media mobile apps
Image Source: Google Play

Sparkfly gives businesses an opportunity to appear in user routines and create a brand that is well known and can be easily identified. It also helps you connect with your consumers in a more personable way.

You can download Sparksfly for your Android and iOS and use it for free.

Sum up

For businesses, social media management is a necessity, and these nifty social media mobile apps help cut down on the time it takes to handle multiple accounts.

Having mobile applications for social media management also means that you can have full control of your social media accounts even when you are traveling and away from your desktop.

Tell us about some of your favorite mobile social media management applications in the comments section.

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