Do you use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to chat with friends? If so, you may already be familiar with the features, but might not have considered that messaging apps are useful from a business perspective as well as personally.

Keeping this in mind, here are five reasons that messaging apps can benefit your business. Spend 5 minutes watching the video or read on for the tips.

Messaging apps continue to grow

Social media hit its peak in 2017. Yes, people are still spending a whole lot of time on social media, but the number of users are going down, not up. This is not the case with messaging apps, which are still growing and offer a great alternative for interacting with potential clients. In fact, WhatsApp has surpassed 1.5 billion active users.

Messaging apps are the best way to reach younger customers

Due to their popularity, messaging apps represent the easiest way to interact with young customers. Many younger customers are on messaging apps more often than they’re on

message in a bottle

Atlantios / Pixabay

Facebook and email, so it makes the most sense to reach these customers through messaging apps.

Messaging apps are an appealing alternative to email follow-ups

If you’ve ever had a hard time tracking down a customer, try a messaging app. A company called ProfitBooks noticed a staggering 40% increase in response rate once they started using WhatsApp to follow up with customers. While this huge increase may not be the same for everyone, it highlights how effective messaging apps can be in encouraging follow-up.

WhatsApp doesn’t require a strong internet connection

If you’re constantly on the go you don’t always have access to WiFi, it’s nice to know that WhatsApp is a light program that can be used even with a weak internet connection. WhatsApp uses very little data due to its small size and will work even in the middle of nowhere!

Messaging apps are a great way to serve customers

Are you a makeup artist doing consultations? Then let your clients send pictures through a messaging app. Do you want to try that new restaurant that everyone is raving about? Maybe you can use a messaging app to make reservations.

As you can see, messaging apps are great for business-to-consumer interaction. If you’re hosting an event try sending attendees a quick notice about parking or construction. You can even use a messaging app for screening job candidates.

Small business owners should definitely take advantage of the convenience that messaging apps offer.