anti QR codeThough 2014 is drawing near, there is much of the population that still insist on using QR codes. And all its ridiculously outdated glory. From business cards, to company logos, to T-shirts that sport the website-location tech, these codes are still be blasted on every surface imaginable. As a QR code hater from the very beginning, it’s enough to make me want to give up on the Internet all together (well, almost). But now that upgraded, better working tactics have made their way into the world, these blotchy squares are a glaring reminder of things no longer necessary. (Or at all, IMO.)

For guilty parties and fellow haters alike, here are the top five reasons to nix the codes once and for all.

5. They’re Ugly

Really ugly. Who wants to stare at an undecipherable box when colors or words could be used instead? Worse is QR codes usually sit front and center, and in large fashion. Opt for something cleaner, like a web address – it’s a move that will make customers (and anyone with eyes) happy.

4. Your URL Shouldn’t Be That Hard to Locate

If there are so many pieces of punctuation in a URL that users can’t simply remember it or type it in, it’s time for a new URL.

3. Readers are Buggy

Not only do codes require an entire app to read them – the fact that smartphones have yet to come with them standard should be a big heads up – they’re tricky to use. Users have to stand absolutely still, cock their head at a 45-degree angle, and wink one eye, otherwise the reader simply won’t work.

2. They’re a One-Trick Pony

While text or logos can lead users to websites, social media profiles, etc., QR codes direct them only to one place: a specific URL. This forces owners to choose extremely wisely, while changing that web address later on can mean an entire string of outdated items.

1. People Don’t Use Them

When was the last time you heard, “So I followed this QR code,” or “This is the best QR code!”? Probably never, because people simply aren’t using them – customers too realize there are better ways to find a new website.

It’s high time we hopped off the QR code train – opt for a new, more sharable technology to enhance your website-based results.