5 Online Productivity Tools To Power Your Business (That You Might Not Know About)There are a lot of tools out there to power your business. Unfortunately, you can spend a lot of time and (sometimes) money testing them out. Based on this post “25 tools to power your startup”, I pulled out 5 tools that anyone from a solopreneur to a startup to a group within an Enterprise can use for free – either as a test or on an ongoing basis.

Let me know in the comments which tools you use to power your business!

5 Tools to Power Your Business (and the details on free usage)

Jing screen captures

Amazingly useful for screen shots and videos. Hosts them in the cloud and you can share with a link! I originally thought it was shutting down but apparently the free version is still available. It’s my favorite quick screen capture tool.

Buffer social media sharing

My favorite Twitter tool for quickly sharing new content (they actually do more than just Twitter too…). Sign up for a free account, connect it to Twitter, set up your sharing schedule and make sure to get the buffer add-ons for your browser. Any time you find new, great content to share, simply click the buffer button and it will post to Twitter based on your schedule.

Join.me screen sharing

Easy screen-sharing. Simply start a meeting and share a link to start showing your screen or presentation. The free version allows one-way sharing and it works really well.

Wrike project management

Flexible collaboration and project management tool that can set up based on your company’s specific needs. Free accounts available for up to 5 users. I work for Wrike and as a user, I appreciate the collaboration and the ability to track projects and tasks online.

Zapier app connections

Zapier creates connections between two different apps to automate time-consuming tasks. People or companies can create new “zaps” (connections between tools) which you can then use. Free to use for up to 5 zaps.

Which of these tools have you tried?

Are there others that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments.