Applications for every smart phone and website are everywhere. Some are extremely useful and increase productivity for the on-the-go business person. Some help teenagers find new ways to humiliate themselves. And some are just plain useless. That is what this list is for.


This Facebook app allows users to put their face on grilled cheese. One just takes a picture and Cheese’wich, created by Tillamook cheese maker, burns this picture onto the top bread on a grilled cheese sandwich. You can even choose the sandwich placement, the tone, and the type of burn of the sandwich. You can then post these on your Facebook wall. Better than the typical teenage girl bathroom mirror pic? Definitely.


It is literally exactly what it sounds like. Virtual bubble wrap. You touch the bubbles, they make a popping sound. Found for free on the Android Market, this app is for those of us who can no longer afford products packaged in real bubble wrap – but can afford a smartphone….

Perfect Circle

This app, from Sixth Corner, allows the user to draw a circle with their finger. Perfect Circle then judges your circle on a scale of 1 to 1,000. There is nothing quite as simple, and useless, as knowing how to draw a perfect circle and for only 99 cents! Unless, I guess, you compete in perfect circle contests. Seriously, though…those exist.


Ever wanted to show off how cool your iPhone is by demonstrating its ability to fake steam? Me neither. But you can if you want with this app. The best part is you can wipe off the steam using your finger and even blow into your phone to make the steam come back! Cool right? I guess.


Do you love unzipping zippers? Do you love zipping zippers?  Do you hate zipping zippers in real life? Then this app is for you! You zip zippers, you unzip zippers. It’s a big ball of fun and by far the most useless app on this list.

Know of any other useless apps? Let us know!