Facebook rolled out Version 4.1 for iOS over the weekend which is now available via the App Store for free.  The new features includes the highly anticipated Mobile Timeline for the iPhone, access to friends lists/subscribers/subscriptions, and improved performance overall. The updated Facebook App isn’t available on the iPad yet but will most likely roll out soon as it did last October, 2011 for the previous version.  This new update might bump iPhone back into the number one position for accessing the social network as Facebook for Android now has 58.3 million average daily users compared with an average of 57.4 for iPhone. We are really obsessed with Facebook aren’t we?

Want to outsmart your friends on what changed? Read on for the top 5 noteworthy features!

1. Now you have access to Mobile Timeline on the iPhone as long as you’ve already upgraded your desktop profile.  Timeline profiles are viewed on iPhones as they would be on regular websites. Cool right? The new Timeline profile style is a drastic change – it sorts a user’s posts, pictures and important dates/milestones (marriages, birthdays, etc.) chronologically in two columns of information.  A right hand navigation bar makes it easy to skip to certain months or years to see what was happening at that time in a user’s life.  Finally, users can now set a large banner “cover” photo which appears at the top of his or her profile. This is by far one of the most notable features in the new upgrade.

2. Friends lists have been added to the black navigation bar in the app which means you can add people to your lists, as well as view all of your lists in one convenient place.

3. Version 4.1 also supports the “subscribe” feature.  It’s easy to view who has subscribed to you, and who you subscribe too, as long as you have the subscribe feature turned on.

4. It’s a lot easier to navigate Facebook with the new update.  Instead of clicking the notifications button and being taken to a different screen, notifications and messages appear in a drop down box.  Some think the new box is easy to click out of and you can easily get back to the page you were on.

5.  Pictures are uploaded faster and commenting is easier according to reports as well.

Have you updated to the new Facebook for iOS Version 4.1? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!