Technology has provided consumers with a valuable buying tool right in their pocket: the smartphone. Filled with today’s most useful applications, or apps, smartphones allow consumers to quickly size up a potential car sale as they look over local sales, reviews and specific vehicle history. Leveraging popular mobile apps could make the difference between getting a good deal or being taken for a ride (pun intended haha!). Below are 5 mobile apps to help you become the smart and savvy car buyer you’ve always dreamed of!

Compare Car Prices –

This app helps you view local inventory, get dealership information, research cars and compare listings. The mobile app provides you  sales numbers for various dealers in the area for the same vehicle make and model. In an instant, you have comparable numbers that are real-time values. You can quickly counter the salesman’s offer if it is too high. With the confidence that another vehicle is cheaper in the same area, you have the upper-hand during negotiation rather than the salesperson. Paying too much for a vehicle is extremely frustrating, especially if it is used.

Trade-In Value –

If you are looking to trade in your old vehicle for a good down payment on a new car, you are no longer relegated to the dealer’s set price. Kelley Blue Book provides an app that allows you to punch in pertinent details about your vehicle for a true quote. Because many dealers use Kelley Blue Book as a reference point for trade-ins, they have no way to argue with the value results. If one dealer declines a trade-in, you can easily move onto another dealer that agrees with the official Blue Book amount.

Used Vehicle History – CARFAX

Buying a used car used to be a gambling bet in Las Vegas: you either won big or lost hard. CARFAX has an app that allows you to punch in a VIN, or vehicle identification number, and find the history associated with that car. Accidents and repairs are all quickly downloaded for instant review. If the car was flooded or received a bent frame in an accident, this app warns you of its quality. You are able to walk away from a lemon car before you invest any money.

Online Auctions – eBay Motors

Try eBay Motors app and find your next car through an auction. You should still be able to access the VIN by contacting the seller to make a thorough decision about the car’s quality. Some auctions allow you to see the car beforehand as well.

Reviews – Edmunds

Use Edmunds’ app that gives you both dealership and car reviews. You can be prepared for anything when you know if a dealership is known for its questionable practices, for example. A mysterious car that catches your eye can be instantly researched to see if it is a good choice for you. Using all of these apps helps you understand the car industry and save money at the same time.

Before you hit the dealerships, download these useful apps to help your car buying experience a happy one. Consumers and dealerships both enjoy an educated buyer. Leverage these apps to find, price and buy with confidence!