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Source: Pixabay

Mobile app development is one of the best ways to grow your business, especially with the on-going rise of the mobile market. It makes your services more accessible, maximizes user engagement, and increases your brand’s exposure to your target audience. With the flexibility of mobile platforms, app development is a reasonable endeavor for business growth for just about any industry.

You also no longer need any programming knowledge to develop a fully functional mobile app. Here are five mobile development tools that will help you build, launch, promote, and optimize your app:

Bizness Apps


Bizness Apps makes it possible for you to build beautiful, functional, and original mobile apps for your business. It features a DIY-style mobile app builder and can quickly gather content and any other necessary information from your website. This includes images, RSS feeds, and social media posts.

Designing your app with Bizness Apps is easy. You can choose from premade templates and follow the most suitable layouts for mobile touch displays. You may also customize your own from scratch if you have unique ideas for your business app. Since Bizness Apps provides you with a real-time preview of all your changes, the development time needed will be significantly reduced.

The development process is also seamless all the way to launch. Using Bizness Apps, you can easily publish your app for iOS, Android, and HTML5. To use this platform to the fullest extent, you can check out the learning resources from help desk article to video tutorials.

Temok Custom Apps & Games Development


If you are a digital marketer, then you should be open to expanding your skill set. However, being a competitive app developer can take a significant amount of time, especially if you want your app to be appreciated by a broad audience.

Temok – one of the most promising online marketing companies today – also offers an award-winning app development service for businesses who want to get the job done the right way. You may also avail their services for building original mobile games as well as apps for Facebook.

Temok’s team will assist your app development project through all stages. This includes conceptualization, design, debugging, and publishing. You may also provide your feedback at any phase during the project to ensure that everything turns out the way you want. Since certified professionals will handle your project, you can eliminate all the guesswork and save yourself from the hassle of app development.



One of the challenges that online businesses face when it comes to app development is measuring the value of their ads. When marketing mobile apps, it can be difficult to track where your users are coming from. You may have a precise measure of how many people are using your app, but you need to know where the original “click” came from to optimize your promotion strategy.

TUNE can help you gauge the performance of your marketing channels by tracking mobile app installs and discovering where your users are coming from. It works by generating a unique device fingerprint each time a user clicks on an ad. After installing, the SDK (Software Development Kit) will send the fingerprint back to the tracking servers.

By logging into TUNE, you can monitor all the clicks across several campaigns. You do not have to integrate the tool in every marketing channel you have. You only need to install the MobileAppTracking SDK in your mobile app, and you are ready to go.



Just like MobileAppTracking, Tapstream offers mobile attribution tracking to discover where your users originate. However, the tool also has other features that can improve your mobile marketing. This includes a referral campaign, onboarding links, and campaign landers.

The referral campaign encourages your users to share your app by offering them an in-app reward. This is an excellent way to reach more audiences while promoting user loyalty to those who are rewarded. You may also measure your referral campaign’s performance through reports, funnel analysis, and event tracking (for installs, in-app purchases, and so on).

With Onboarding Links, you can customize different in-app experiences based on their onboarding channel. It also enables you to split test user experiences for faster optimizations. Finally, you can quickly make Campaign Landers, which are mobile landing pages, within minutes using Tapstream’s editor from the dashboard.



KISSmetrics is mainly an analytics tool used by online businesses to optimize their marketing campaigns. However, it can also be used to effective track mobile metrics whether it is for a website or a smartphone app. It offers Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for tracking usage patterns in mobile apps.

One of the main advantages of KISSmetrics is that you can specify any event you want to track. For example, you could follow the number of views that a particular screen gets or a specific in-app purchase. If you measure the views in a mobile landing page as well as the number of successful purchases, you can calculate the conversion rate by dividing the number of purchases by the total number of views.