Example of an m-commerce site

Want to maximize your profit this year? Having a mobile commerce (m-commerce) site developed for your business gives your customers the convenience of ordering your products or services when they are on the go. This means that whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet, or even a reading device like a Kindle, they’ll have 24/7 purchasing access to your products. Ready to learn more?

Check out the five tips below to ensure your m-commerce site meets your customers’ needs.

1. Make it easy on your m-commerce visitors. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the most important aspect of an m-commerce site is to make sure your products are easily accessible. Confusing or cluttered m-commerce sites are going to discourage visitors from purchasing. Give your customers countless ways to get to the shop portion of your site through clickable promotions and even “buy now” links on the home page.

2. Want to reach more customers? Integrate social media into your m-commerce site. If you add a ‘like’ button to each of your products, customers will be able to show their friends on Facebook which products they’re interested in and/or purchasing. This can lead to more exposure and customers for you.

3. Imagery is a crucial component of m-commerce. Mobile Commerce Daily suggests, “Make sure that [the] images [on your m-commerce site] are clear and crisp. Add a “share” option, with a click through to the product page for an instant purchase.”

4. Use mobile technology to your advantage. Mobile technology can help entice customers to visit your mobile site/mobile landing pages. Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems, recommends trying QR codes to help promote your mobile site and product specials.

5. Land the sale. There’s nothing worse than a hard-to-find checkout button. If a customer has to spend time searching for your shopping cart, they’re going to get frustrated. And a frustrated customer is not one who sticks around to spend their money on your site. Simplify the checkout process and make sure the checkout button is clearly visible so you don’t lose a sale.

We want to know: What works best for you when it comes to m-commerce?