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Source: Pixabay

Businesses of all sizes are now developing mobile apps to cater to the changing preferences of everyday people. With the rapid rise of the mobile market, more people are now turning to their handheld devices to access social media, send emails, watch videos, and perform searches on Google – overtaking the volume of queries from desktop computers since last year.

With mobile app development, businesses have the opportunity to be accessible and visible to their audience 24/7. It can help establish a more personal and direct marketing channel, build the brand’s authority, and maximize customer engagement. However, you cannot accomplish all these with a mediocre mobile app.

It was not long before ad-ridden, cheap, buggy, and rushed apps invaded app stores; offering nothing but a frustrating experience for users. This is not the way to go if you want your brand to be authoritative. To help you optimize your mobile app, here are five insightful tools you should use:

Box UK

User experience is a critical factor for a successful mobile app. Moreover, sometimes, the best way to offer the best experience is to listen to your users. Box UK offers upscale usability testing for your software projects.


For mobile apps, you can utilize usability testing to gauge the performance of your app by tracking user behavior. This includes every click, touch, swipe, and navigation patterns of your users. By tracking user behavior, you can identify which design and interface elements work and which do not.

Usability testing is perfect for apps that are still in early development. This allows you to define the perfect layout and design before you commit to the costly development.


TestFairy is a free testing tool for Android and iOS apps. It offers an easy way to conduct early tests of an app in development. All you have to do is to upload your app to the platform, and you can start inviting beta testers through email or a web-based test app.


The testing process in TestFairy is quite straightforward. It will provide you with video clips of the actual app in action. This also includes client data such as network monitoring, GPS, crash reports, memory and CPU usage. These technical details can help you spot the weaknesses of your app regarding performance. Although simple, this tool can give you a clearer picture of the experience that your users are having.


Applause is a comprehensive testing platform that’s packed with features to help you optimize the quality and usability of your mobile app. It features app quality tools that can boost the development process such as usability surveys and narrated captures.


You can take advantage of Mobile Sentiment Analysis to figure out how users respond to your app or expose your work-in-progress by launching a beta version through Applause’s Mobile Beta Management. One of its best features is the targeted survey process wherein only qualified participants get to test your app. Furthermore, you will be assisted by one of their experts all the way – providing you with valuable feedback and detailed pointers on how to improve your app’s usability.


If there are analytics for websites, then there are also analytics for mobile apps. Appsee is an in-app mobile analytics tool that can help you monitor how users or paid testers interact with your app. In-app means you can integrate the Appsee SDK directly into your iOS and Android app, which can be done within a few minutes. Since this tool’s SDK is a low footprint, it will not cause any discernible impact on your app’s performance.

App See

Appsee gives you access to user recordings. This will enable you to see firsthand how your app performs and scale the experience it offers your users. By carefully observing the videos, you can spot certain aspects of your app that need improvement. Furthermore, you can use touch heatmaps to learn how an average user interacts with your app. This will allow you to identify the areas of your interface get the most attention.


You can use Arise in combination with other tools mentioned in this list to speed up the testing and development process. Arise is a split testing platform for mobile apps which will allow you to test multiple versions of your app simultaneously. This means you can find the best layout and design for your app much faster.


Arise enables you to create and evaluate as many versions of your app as you need. Since you can produce infinite variations, you can test how every detail of your app such as font styles, color schemes, and text sizes affect user experience. The tool will also notify you when enough tests are already done to make a sound decision. Once the results are in, you can quickly implement the best changes within minutes.


Continuously evaluating and optimizing your app is the best way to improve usability and user experience. With these intuitive tools, you can eliminate all the guesswork and get on with the most important tasks at once. Remember that although it is great to have a fully functional and usable app, it is better to have nothing at all than offer a frustrating and meaningless app to users.