English: Android Market on Samsung Galaxy S.

Work, work, work.

Sometimes it seems that’s all we do. And yet people decry social media, smart phones, and what not for being time wasters.

Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with wasting time. At least not in moderation. Sometimes you have to just sit and chill in front of the television to rest after a long, busy day. You know the saying, “everything in moderation.” Too much of anything is bad. And that includes work. So for today’s Friday Blogging Experience during my May Month of Lists, I thought I’d share with you my 5 favorite time-wasting apps; the ones I go to when I just need to relax a little.

Since a number of these are games, I feel I must point out that I’m horrible at video games. If I ever play a game like Halo with my kids, I’m dead ten times before I’ve even spotted them once. I hate fast games, and especially those where you have to do more than one thing at a time. So that colors the types of games I play on my Android. For instance, I have tried Temple Run, and I have about as much success on there as I would if I were running through that course in real life. I’ve also played Angry Birds in the past, but gave up when I hit a level I just couldn’t beat, no matter how long I tried, and no matter how many video run-throughs I watched online.

Additionally, I’ve excluded apps like Facebook, Instagram, and the like which I DO use to chill, but also use for work. And I’m not including Netflix, which I love, even for watching movies and shows on a small 5-inch screen.

So here’s my list of 5 apps I use when I need to wind down a bit. (Note since I have an Android, most of the links I’ve posted are for the Android version of the app. If you have an iPhone or iPad, I’m sure you know how to use Google to find your apps) Also, I don’t like paying for things, so all of these are free, though some do have paid, premium versions you can get with more features:

1. Ruzzle

This is my latest obsession, and I do pretty well with it. This game is basically a generic version of the popular game Boggle, which I also do well at. I think it taps in to my inner Rain Man. It’s a timed game, so there is a speed element, but once I get in the zone, watch out. I love playing this with my friends, and I think I’m pretty darn good, so feel free to challenge me.

2. Say the Same Thing

This is another new favorite that we started playing in person, and I want to play on the app, but I need more opponents! The game was invented by the members of the band OK Go, and they invented the app so they can play each other when they aren’t together. The cool thing is, you have the opportunity to get in line and play against a band member. To fully understand the concept of this game, watch this video from the band. But seriously, download it, and let’s play! Oh, and after you see the video below, try playing this in person with some friends or family. It has created quite a lot of laughter in our home.

3. Candy Crush Saga

OK, for the most part, this one is truly mindless. It’s a one player game, but the kind where you progress through levels and it sucks you in. Big time. On Angry Birds I get stuck and can never progress, but on this game, when I get stuck, I eventually find my way. In fact, one little trick I’ve discovered is to play on both your computer and your mobile app. The game is available through Facebook, and sometimes when you’re stuck on the computer version, you can win on the app version, and vice versa. But right now I’m seriously stuck on level 125, and I get oh so close at times. There is strategy, for sure, but it’s a great time waster.

4. Words With Friends

So this one is a bit old school, at least in terms of popular apps. It’s the “other” version of that popular word game known as Scrabble. There’s a whole story behind the battle between these word games, but I’ve chosen WWF because I think it’s a better app. I love Scrabble, and the purists out there (including my own brother) won’t play WWF with me. Oh well, I have plenty of opponents and it provides a nice challenge, plus you can play at your own pace. Again, this one also connects with Facebook, so you can play online on your computer, as well as your mobile device.

5. Kindle

This one isn’t a game, and while I love REAL books (the printed kind) and don’t own a Kindle or Nook, I find the Kindle app really handy. I’ve downloaded quite a few free books, as well as others from friends and online folks, and there is always something for me to read. Right now reading the Henry Wood Detective Agency by Brian Meeks and Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel. Plus, if you are patient, and like to explore, a lot of newer books are offered for free, or low cost, at various times in their life cycle. Also recommend How to Use a Runaway Truck Ramp from my friends Shawn and Maile Smucker.

Honorable mention

And if you want to channel your inner old guy, here are a few games I occasionally turn to when I need something completely mindless, slow, and easy:

  • Roller Ball – a version of the arcade game skee ball
  • Office Jerk – Be the office jerk and throw stuff at your nerdy coworker.
  • Paper Toss – If you don’t want to throw stuff at coworker, try throwing wadded up balls of paper into a trash can.
  • 3D bowling – Just like it sounds. Bowling. For fun.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite time wasting apps, regardless of the platform? How do you like to chill or let off some steam?