In the fast-paced modern business world, you will need all the assistance you can get running your business. The efficiency garnered from making use of the available organizational resources will save you time to concentrate on other aspects of the business, such as innovation. This also gives you a chance to build your career by spending more time on furthering your education in your preferred field. Lack of the right organizational skills will greatly hamper your chances at any improvement; as such, they are absolutely vital for the smooth running of the business. Here is a list of the top five applications and software tools:

Skype: This brilliant application facilitates the important concept of video calling, allowing you to have instant feedback with the person you call like you’re talking face to face. Phones can make business deals, but Skype gives the whole experience a personal touch. Most people in business are utilizing this application to make their business negotiations without having to make any form of commute. The time saved here can go a long way in helping you grow other parts of your business.

Basecamp: Filing is a function of each business and finding a software program to help make it easier is of great benefit. All you do is upload your sensitive information onto a designed secure online storage. After this, the software lets you access all the files from any location on earth. Imagine that, you don’t need an assistant to send you a crucial document while you are out making a business deal. You can comfortably access all the information on your filing system quite conveniently. This is much more than a filing system; the convenience it offers is immensely significant.

Dropbox: A software program that helps you make files available to relevant people any time they need them. It uses its sharing network to facilitate this function with great ease. The old way of doing business would require sending the files or hand delivering, but with Dropbox, all those inconveniences are done away with. File sharing is very convenient in business and this application keeps all your history for easy access. You are now able to keep track of all the files you’ve share, and with whom. An added advantage of this particular program is that it allows you access to deleted files or to original states of altered files.

TaskClear: Inventory is another key area of concern in any business. This software program plays a major role in keeping your business organized. It basically keeps track of every component of the business at all times to ensure it runs smoothly. This is ideal for small retail businesses as it offers critical information that will guarantee that there is never a shortage of something in the stock. It will also help you notice the dead stock and deal with it appropriately.

Digsby: the benefits from this software program are quite easy to understand. Basically, since virtually all businesses are on social media, the software gives you access to all important platforms that your business is on. It does so in such a way that it pops up a notification message without you having to manually log into your account every time. By doing so, you are kept in constant touch with your customers with not much effort.

Do you have other great applications that are must-haves for business? Please share them below!