Oh, Mother’s Day. The greeting card holiday that always manages to sneak up on you and leaves you scrambling to figure out what to get Mom last minute. Seems like a perfect opportunity for mobile marketers to flex their muscles and come to the rescue with gift ideas, right? Well, many did, and nailed it. Below are five awesome push notifications the Localytics’ team received this Mother’s Day weekend:

1. Macy’s


Macy’s followed all the best practices of push with this notification. They presented both a problem and a solution for the problem, making it an extremely compelling offer. The problem? It’s the day before Mother’s Day and you still haven’t gotten anything for Mom, which makes you feel like an ungrateful jerk. The solution? With a few taps of your finger or clicks from your mouse, you can quickly order her a nice gift from Macy’s and pick it up before close.

Macy’s gets an A+ not only for combining great copy-text with a segmented push campaign, but also for utilizing mobile as part of a cross-channel marketing campaign.

2. CVS


CVS plays to the one-stop-shoppers with this Mother’s Day push notification. Even better? It serves as a dual reminder about both Mother’s Day and CVS’s retail offerings. Some shoppers may see CVS as a pharmacy with household products and greeting cards, but CVS is gently telling them, “We are so much more”.

Upon receiving this push, shoppers who would usually run into CVS just to buy a card for Mom now know that they can actually purchase her entire gift there.

3. Rue La La


Ok, so maybe this push isn’t exactly about Mom, but it is an example of a highly relevant push notification. Rue La La has a Styleathon sale every Sunday evening, and this was their push for the event on Mother’s Day.

Rue’s clever ability to incorporate holidays and happenings into their recurring events keeps their push notifications eye-catching and fresh.

4. Yelp


Yelp’s push notification is for everyone who remembered the gift, but forgot to make the reservation. Mother’s Day is a popular time to treat Mom to a nice meal out. Yelp’s push is simple and to the point, subtly reminding users that they can not only help you find a great restaurant for Mother’s Day, but book a table, too.

5. Groupon


Groupon capitalized on Android’s image push notification feature with the above reminder about Mother’s Day. What’s great about this example is that it uses strong imagery combined with compelling copy-text with an urgent CTA (“Today only!”) to get the message across.

So there you have it. Five great Mother’s Day push notification examples that prove push can be highly relevant, effective, and even helpful. Did you receive any awesome Mother’s Day push notifications over the weekend? Share them below.