In today’s fast-paced world of software development, there is a significant rise in software testing applications in the market. With the ease of availability, high scalability, and affordable cost price, cloud testing apps provide the flexibility of testing on multiple machines and environments without having to build your own infrastructure.

With the rising demand for automation tools in the IT sector, there are few top-notch working automation tools available these days. Below given are some of the widely used automation platforms for Enterprise Applications.

1. CloudTestr

A cloud-based testing automation platform that automates testing changes to enterprise apps at a rapid speed. The biggest advantage of CloudTestr is that it allows users to design, scope, report, and test with a quite speedily process. CloudTestr is based on the TaaS platform (testing-as-a-service) with features like an inbuilt keyword framework for simple test creation tasks, integrated test scheduling, and custom reporting for quick information access.

Main Features Include

  • Design – This feature involves creating and capturing test cases. You can also configure the test steps and group the test cases as test sets. Creating test cases will allow the user to understand if the condition is working according to the requirement or not.
  • Review Feature – CloudTestr review feature provides the release status and execution of test sets and generates reports at the same time.
  • Performance – This module allows users to perform scheduling and execution of test sets.
  • Dashboard – CloudTestr dashboard displays brief information about the test case status, before and after execution. Users can track the test cases count of the applications and get recent activities information without any hassle easily.

Other Advantages of CloudTestr Platform

  • CloudTestr is a scriptless platform and doesn’t require you to write scripts as most of the scripts are handled by the platform itself. The user just needs to input the information of test data for the execution of the test case.
  • One can import and export the test cases.
  • Allows users to import an already existing script and execute it.
  • Perform execution of test cases at any time through scheduling.

2. BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is an open-source testing tool with a large number of solutions and integration points. BlazeMeter is an excellent platform for both small and big-scale businesses. The platform is designed for continuous testing of new as well as existing scripts. With features of load and performance testing of numerous platforms such as API, mobile, website, and software. Providing shift-left testing and support of CLIs, APIs, UI, open-source tools.

The platform can handle a variety of critical testing applications and can help with critical mission tasks as well as customer-facing applications or websites. With real-time reporting, BlazeMeter can handle websites that engage in volatile customer interactions and receive very high amounts of traffic in a matter of seconds. Ultimately, the platforms help in understanding the capacity and power of applications and websites.

Main Features Include

  • Features include robust methodologies to speed up the testing process and save a lot of time and keeping bug fixes to a minimum.
  • Efficient reporting, comprehensive support, and enterprise enhancements.
  • BlazeMeter is an open-source tool.
  • Specifically designed for agile teams.
  • Provides real-time reporting and analytics.
  • High functioning GUI to load scripts in no time.
  • No such expertise is required in the load testing process.

3. LoadStorm

LoadStorm is a primary load testing tool that supports mobile and website applications. The platform is easy to use. Involving LoadStorm in your software testing plan would help you manage recording scripts much efficiently.

LoadStorm is a powerful platform and can be determined by high scalability which helps virtual users in finding bugs and issues in websites or applications. One can also consider the platform powerful enough to handle high traffic scenarios and assess performance.

The dashboard and its functionality are one of the pros of the platform. It lets you take away or add various data logs at any time of the day. The whole platform is based online without having to download any files or setup and allows the user to access and manage data at any given time with an internet connection.

Main Features

  • High performance in cloud load testing and figuring the scalability of the website and applications.
  • Advance reporting that offers a high-level overview and a detailed analysis of the performance of the application or website under extreme traffic.
  • LoadStorm consulting provides training, building scripts, managing projects from an experienced team of engineers.
  • An easy and cost-effective solution for load testing applications.

4. Worksoft

Worksoft is an automation testing tool for SAP. It is designed to solve and fix some of the most complex automation problems on the internet. With the industry-leading agile and DevOps automation platform, it offers continuous test automation without having to write lines of code.

The robust platform is considered the “gold standard” for testing SAP and Non-SAP enterprise applications. Designed to satisfy the needs of big enterprises that deal with mission-critical tasks and processes. Worksoft platform testing is essential across various systems and applications. The platform also offers unmatched support for web and cloud applications. With in-built optimization techniques for more than 200 used web and cloud applications.

Main Features

  • Proven business-driven approach and customer support.
  • Offers code-free features that can ensure excellent business processes for mission-critical applications.
  • Robust integrated solutions with other testing tools, ALM systems, and DevOps toolchains.
  • Ruling capabilities of documentation support and automated discovery.
  • Being a part of the world’s leading SIs in their SAP testing practices.
  • Ability to deploy the tool even if the project is in the maintenance stage or being implemented.
  • Workforce platform thrives in automating and testing SAP Fiori User Experience, Syclo, Ariba Network.

5. Katalon

Katalon Studio is an all-package test automation platform for web automation, API, desktop app testing, and mobile. The platform has been recognized by Gartner’s Peer Insights Customer Choice 2020. Katalon Studio transforms the open-source framework and its uses by effective elimination of technical issues and complexities.

The platform is best suited for cross-platform testing and provides code-less test creation for newcomers as well as script-based customization for experts. Supporting all the primary OS (macOS, Windows, Linux), browsers, and devices, it allows users to easily generate and execute tests.

Katalon Studio is regarded as an all-in-one test automation solution. Some of its unique features:

  • Runs of default and primary browsers, operating systems, and devices.
  • Hundreds of in-built keywords to create tests in no time.
  • Minimal programming is required to get started.
  • Supports Cucumber, a BDD-focused software with the additional support of Selenium and Appium, thus simplifying API, mobile, and web application automation.

Katalon Studio is also planning on expanding its partnership to provide an effective testing experience to its users.

Choose The Right Test Automation Platform for Your Enterprise

Cloud-based test automation tools and platforms should be selected on the criteria based on the company’s requirements and their applications. The advantages of the various robust platforms mentioned above can be proved business-driven if they are utilized smartly to benefit your organization.

Apart from the platforms mentioned above, there are numerous tools that allow users different types of testing based on their needs. Some might be open-sourced tools while others might be licensed. Investing in the right cloud-based testing platform for enterprise applications is never an investment at loss. However, the choice of the tools entirely depends upon business needs but with one goal regardless of the quality platform at speed.