Mobile Customer ServiceWith mobile technology available today through apps and mobile websites, customers can now access information & receive excellent customer service faster than ever. Businesses live and die by their customer service – if you don’t have the right capabilities and relationship with your customers, it can kill your business faster than you think.

We have laid out some simple tips for giving the best customer service with mobile technology:

Let customers serve themselves.

What does this mean? It doesn’t mean ignoring your customers. What it means is that you provide the customers an easy to find, helpful guide that allows them self-service while still giving them the answers and information they need. This can easily be done within a mobile app.

Offer solutions and helpful information from your mobile app in an easy to read and intuitive format. Allowing customers to get up to date, thorough information right from their smart phone will keep them happy and informed 24/7 about your business.

Mobile apps can even reduce customer service questions.

It’s true that customers in our constantly-connected world have bigger demands for round the clock service than ever before. Their expectations are high, and you must meet that demand. While most small business owners obviously cannot afford to staff a call center or have employees working in the middle of the night, you can equip yourself somewhat to meet this demand.

If your business is available through a mobile app, many of these customers will go to the app first to find answers and potentially reduce the amount of questions you receive from customers. If you’re connected via mobile, you’ll be available to answer those pressing questions and concerns no matter the time.

Building a great brand through customer service.

Having great customer service can really help you build your brand and acquire loyalty from your customers. Successful companies are able to merge mundane customer service with personal communications. You can use everything from mobile loyalty programs and incentives, personalized communications and more.

Keep tabs on your customer service with mobile.

This is especially important if your business is new on the scene. Owners should always be aware of the goings on of their business. Monitor potential problems, see what seems to be working for your company, what customers seem to enjoy the most. Get feedback and take it to heart. Keep an eye on how everything is functioning. This is very important, and it also helps your customer service when problems arise.

Customer service is super important to any business, but especially to a new small business. With mobile apps available today to act as 24/7 resources for your customers to have questions answered it will drastically improve their overall experience.

Treat your customers like they pay your bills, because in essence, they do.