Device protection plans may not be the most appealing thing to sell to customers, and they can be difficult to position without the right information. But despite their challenges, they can provide additional benefits for both you and your customers. To get your sales team on board and sharpen their skills for a better overall experience, check out a few of the best tips.

Internal Gamification
First, let’s take a look at gamification—or the process of encouraging participation through reward. Gamification can spark engagement within your sales team and get everyone on board to sell more. Gallup research points to the importance of engagement, stating that organizations with high levels of employee engagement show 27 percent higher profits and 50 percent higher sales. To apply this to your sales team, try rewarding employees who generate the most monthly sales, or create a fun award for them to display. By maintaining internal engagement, you’re sure to sell even more device protection plans and, in turn, generate a healthy bottom line.

The Perfect Script
Successful device protection plan sales start with clear communication. While you should encourage individual team members to make messaging their own so the pitch doesn’t sound canned, you should ensure the whole team is working within the same messaging framework so customers understand the benefits of protection. If you notice language in the sales process that consistently isn’t resonating with customers or is confusing, take a step back, reevaluate your script, and give it another try. Trial and error will be key to perfecting your device protection plan sales script.

Sales Education
Starting day one, a protection partner can assist in sales education, ensuring your team has a clear understanding of what they’re selling. With a little guidance, your team will be better equipped to explain the ins and outs of each plan, and how they can benefit customers.

Whether it’s determining specific needs to better drive sales, to a product knowledge refresher or implementing best practices, the right partner can assist with any type of training plan. Knowledge-based teaching can only take you so far, but some targeted sales training can take your team even further.

Open Communication
Your relationship with a device protection partner doesn’t stop after the initial kickoff. A partner should provide a clear path for communication throughout your partnership. In turn, this will allow your team to successfully sell more device warranties on a consistent basis. By aligning on common questions from your employees, you can ensure your team is on the same page, allowing you and your customers to worry less and experience more.