Where do you stand in the path to mobile maturity? According to Forrester Research, you’re likely to fall into one of four stages:

  1. Shrink and squeeze – The first stage in the path to mobile maturity is the one in which you simply apply your PC-based digital strategies to the mobile small screen.
  2. Mobile-first – In the second stage, you start to think about one of two mobile benefits – how mobile enhances your brand’s physical experiences or how you can leverage the unique features of mobile, such as location.
  3. CX transformation – The third stage of mobile maturity is where strategic thinking really comes into play. In this stage, you stop thinking of mobile as a goal and more as a way to achieve business success by transforming the customer experience.
  4. Business disruption – In the final stage of mobile maturity, you’re using mobile to create entirely new products, services or business models that would not have otherwise existed.


Why Does It Matter

At Localytics, we believe this evolution is important to understand for a variety of reasons. But, most of all, we want companies to understand how and where the need to evolve because we believe businesses are in a mobile engagement crisis, largely caused by a failure to meet consumers’ sophisticated mobile expectations. The challenge is most companies are just applying their digital strategy to mobile interactions, i.e. they’re stuck in the shrink and squeeze mentality (and scarily, some are not even applying any kind of mobile strategy).

But we also know how hard it is to evolve, just like it was when digital first became a thing. To reach maturity and therefore realize the benefits of mobile, it takes new processes, an updated organizational structure and mobile-specific platforms to understand and fuel customer interactions.

Getting Started

To get started, you need to first identify where you are in the path to maturity – but how?

This complementary Forrester report is your answer; it includes a helpful readiness test to help you assess your situation.

With questions about your current mobile philosophy, support infrastructure and resources, interactions with mobile users, approaches to design and organizational support to mobile and measurements of success, you’ll find out where you stand.

More importantly, the report includes framework recommendations that you can apply to help you grow your mobile strategy and address the changes you need to make to your platforms, processes and people.

Available for a limited time only, download your complimentary copy of the report here or by clicking on the below CTA.

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