Last year we saw mobile overtake desktop in ad spending, and by 2017 over 70% of paid search spend will be mobile (eMarketer). As marketing leaders continue to increase their mobile search spend they will need to find new and innovative ways to continue improving conversion rates and ROI. Capitalizing on mobile paid search requires marketers to efficiently convert visitors with landing pages optimized for mobile. With more customers choosing to call your business from their smartphone, marketers need to be optimizing their landing pages for these call conversions. Here are four mobile landing page fixes for driving more call conversions and revenue from your paid search.

Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile

Any landing page or site link you promote in your mobile paid search ads should – of course – be optimized for mobile. This means making sure your landing pages render properly on smaller screens without side-scrolling or pinching, stripping out many of the desktop-focused nav elements, cutting back on excessive text, and elevating forms higher up on the page. Your pages should make it easy for mobile users to find what they need and accomplish their goal quickly.

Add Click-to-Call to Every Page

It’s critical that every landing page and webpage on your mobile site has a prominent click-to-call option. Mobile searchers want to call you, and even if your landing page’s purpose is to drive online registrations, it should still include a “call us” CTA. Why force someone to fill out a form when they are ready to engage with your sales team right away? Plus adding a click-to-call number or button is easy, takes up little real estate, and won’t negatively impact your landing page’s design.

Test Landing Pages with No Forms – Only Click-to-Call

Unlike click-to-call buttons, forms actually do take up large chunks of real estate on mobile landing pages. And people are often reluctant to fill them out, either because it can be a pain to do on a small screen or because they aren’t looking to download content on their phone or submit a contact form and wait for a salesperson to call them. So test variations of your landing pages that have no forms and instead are optimized to drive calls.

Tailor Landing Pages for Local

Local searchers on smartphones will often call businesses directly from mobile search ads using call extensions. But for those who click through to your landing page, you should still tailor that page’s content to speak to that location. That means calling out that geography and business location in your copy and providing a click-to-call link with a local phone number.

Paid search has gone mobile. Marketers need to optimize every aspect of their search campaigns for mobile to continue increasing conversions and revenue. If you’re looking to become a mobile paid search expert, make sure to check out The Click-To-Call Playbook For Paid Search.