There are several Mac apps that can help you work more efficiently.

Mac is no stranger to apps. They’re the one who practically created an entire industry just dedicated to making apps. Millionaires have been created thanks to awesome apps.

Of course, not every app created out there is for tablets and smartphones. There’s also an extensive Mac App Store that features plenty of stuff to help you get through the day.

If you’re looking for apps for your Mac laptop that will help you work more efficiently, then just browse through this list.


For 29 bucks, this app can help you destroy any kind of distraction. You start using Concentrate by creating a new activity.

After that, you create actions that allow you to concentrate. When you’re done creating parameters (such as blocking websites), a timer shows up in the corner to help you concentrate on work.

Features include the ability to block sites and open only sites that you need. You can also create custom actions, quit any distracting programs and even play sounds to remind you every once in a while.


Instead of focusing on bursts of work, BreakTime does the opposite. It encourages you to take breaks.

Why take a break? We all know that sitting in front of a computer increases health risks such as heart disease and other stuff. By becoming stationary, we are actually increasing our chances of dying.

BreakTime prevents all of that by getting us out of our chairs and experiencing the world around us!

It works by displaying a clock with a timer for how long your break is. You can set the length of your break and it even has an ‘enforce’ feature. With enforce, BreakTime actually forces you to take a break by preventing you from using any programs.

Of course, you can disable it when doing other stuff, such as watching movies.

Spirited Away

This program does not have anything to do with Hayao Miyazaki’s award winning animated film, but it does live up to its name.

It’s a very simple app that doesn’t require any thinking at all. Just download and install the file. It works by monitoring the activity of each application you have opened. When the program detects that you haven’t used an app for a set amount of time, then the application gets hidden. In effect, this prevents you from having any kind of distraction.

Focus Mask

This app takes Spirited Away’s concept further by giving more functionality to the user. It works by dimming the screen, leaving you with only the essential programs you’re using. It almost looks like the menus around you became black bars around the edges of a movie screen. All your attention is diverted to the work you’re currently doing.

You can set which programs to dim and you can adjust the level of opacity too. It also supports multiple monitors and has shortcuts that allow you to dim or brighten the apps you’ve deemed distracting.


These apps are truly one of a kind because they really help you focus on work. Try out these apps – some of them have free trials you might like.