Banks all over the world have found themselves reducing tellers and closing storefronts, as increasingly more users prefer to manage their financials online rather than making visits to physical bank locations.

Instead of brick and mortar buildings, more banking intuitions are driving attention to their apps.

Modern banking apps provide users with all the features and conveniences of online banking in a streamlined-for-smartphone design. These comprehensive banking apps make everything from money transfers to bill paying a breeze.

Wondering what makes a great banking app? We’re examining 4 top-notch banking apps below – check them out!

1. Bank of America


The Bank of America mobile app holds an essential spot on the home screen for any BoA user.

The app provides all the functionality you’d find on a banking website, but redesigned with mobile in mind.

Pay bills, set up money transfers, order new checks, turn on notification alerts, and of course – nearly everyone’s favorite mobile banking feature – deposit checks with your smartphone’s camera.

In addition, the BoA app lets iPhone users login with fingerprint ID (if they choose) and has an ATM locator tool, which is perfect for folks on the go looking to grab cash fast.

Bank of America is also working on adding mobile payments into their app, allowing Android users with built-in NFC chips to simply wave their smartphone at a pay terminal to make a purchase!

2. Chase


Chase is another streamlined banking app providing tons of user-adored features, such as the ability to view transactions, transfer money with a few taps, cash checks via camera, set up custom alerts, and much more.

Mobile banking apps allow users to manage all their various accounts – from bank accounts and loans to credit and debit cards, all in one spot.

For those who live on their smartphones, apps like these let users manage all their financials without needing to go near a laptop (or human for that matter).

3. Capital One


Capital One is another big bank with an impressive mobile app, letting users manage all their CapOne accounts with the swipe of a finger.

As with the BoA and Chase app, Capital One provides all the features you’d expect to find in an online banking app, from cashing checks to transferring money.

One unique feature Capital One includes is the ability to swipe to identify yourself, (optional of course) rather than type in a username and password. This is an especially handy feature for mobile users, as typing in user names and detailed passwords can be cumbersome on touch keyboards.

Users also have the ability to view detailed transaction information from within the app, complete with a transaction pin map and contact info.

CapitalOne has been working hard to bring banking into the 21st century, remaking many brick and mortar branches into cozy Capital One 360 Cafes, experimenting with how to best engage customers in a time when visiting a physical bank branch is a rare event for the average user.

Honorable Mention: Venmo


An honorable mention goes to Venmo, a not-quite-banking app that allows friends to easily send each other money online, with money held in a user’s online Venmo wallet until the user sends their money to their bank account.

Many initially gawked at the idea of trading money via an app, but Venmo has found enormous success with millennials – in 2014 Venmo was acquired by PayPal, and in January of 2016 they had their first month handling $1 billion in transactions. Venmo has even managed to reach coveted verb status (“I’ll Venmo you later, thanks for picking up those 4 gin & tonics!”).

Part of what sets Venmo apart? They don’t take themselves too seriously.

Venmo knows its young, tech-savvy audience and actually manages to turn IOUs into social activity, allowing users to post notifications of their payments publically or privately.

Emojis, clever quips, and inside jokes are commonly posted alongside payments, as paying back friends turns into a laugh alongside a Lincoln (digital, of course).

Venmo has transformed how many mobile users settle tabs with their friends – from rent and concert tickets to dinner and drinks. For that, we tip our hat to them!

Have you seen any other banking apps worthy of praise? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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