In Apple’s most recent campaign, they vowed to change lives. And honestly, when it comes to integrating into our everyday lives and giving us ways to improve our health, happiness, finances, and a slew of other aspects, Apple and its app store are winning.

In March 2009 when Apple first launched their app store, there were a measly 25,000 apps. As of June of 2014, there are over 1.2 million apps and the popular saying, “there’s an app for that” becomes truer and truer each day. From apps that let you race your friends in unraveling toilet paper to a baby cry translator to a ninja chasing chocoalte, there is always an app.

But lets focus on four apps that can do what Apple ultimately wants to do – change your life.

1. Money, money, money

We would like to think that life isn’t all about money, but there’s the painful fact that we need money to live and it really does make the world go round. is an app that can help the financially savvy and the financially inept. The app simply imports the data from your associated bank accounts and provides stats and visualizations based on your personal spending habits. The app makes it easy to track your spending, and it gives you helpful advice on how to save. By saving more and keeping track of your finances in a simple way, you have more time and money to go live your life. is free and is based off the same secure encryption that banks use. By being a read-only app, no one can take your money, including you. You won’t be able to move your money around with this app, but neither will anyone else. This app will also send you texts if they see unusual purchases to any of your accounts. To learn more about how this app could change your financial life, check out

2. Be in the moment

We all love our iPhones – or at least Apple hopes we do – but sometimes, they can take over our lives and alienate those around us. Ever notice when you’re in a room full of people, every single person is on their phone instead of talking with each other? While it might seem counterintuitive, but it may be time to install an app that helps you get off your phone. The app, Moment, tracks your phone use, and warns you when you’re being a phone hog. Moment app’s goal is for you to “put down your phone and get back to your life.” You know, be in the moment.

With the Moment app, you can set daily limits and set up friendly alerts to tell you when you’re getting close to that limit. This app is meant to be invisible, meaning that you open it once, set it up, and never have to open it again. It will continue to run in the background and track your phone use, and just send alerts when necessary. If you’re ready to enjoy the best of both worlds of connectivity and the physical world, take time to check out (and maybe enjoy) Moment.

3. Need a boost in your fitness? Or maybe you just need to get started?

There are so many fitness apps out there, but the 30 Day Fitness Challenge could be the ultimate app that serves as the game changer. With short, but challenging exercises, this app provides a few daily exercises that you can complete. From abs to arms to complete body toning, this fitness has something for everyone (especially beginners!). With a nice user interface and reminders to tell you to get your butt in gear, the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app has had some great reviews. If you need a change in the fitness aspect of your life, get this app.

4. Brainpower

Can’t remember where you put your keys? It happens to everyone, but maybe it’s happening to you more than you think is normal. If so, maybe your brain could use some brain training. Studies have shown that the brain can lose its power when underutilized, so make sure you are aiming toward full brain capacity by working it out. The app, Luminosity, provides brain training to improve memory, problem-solving skills, attention, and processing speed. You can play simple games against the make you race against the clock and will challenge your mind. Luminosity also tracks your progress and helps you understand where you need most improvement or where your strengths lie. The limited subscription is free, and full access $15 per month or $80 per year. While this might seem pricey, these scientifically designed games can make your brain a priceless gem.

Are there any apps that have changed your life? If so, please share!