improving-mobile-productivity|Photo Courtesy ofDepositphotos.com, small business owners and employees routinely carry smartphones, tablets and laptops. While these devices can be distracting, many small business owners find working on multiple devices helps them stay connected and productive on the go. The trick is to know how to use mobile devices for maximum impact, and to know when they’re simply a productivity destroyer.

People have preferences they’ll swear by when it comes to mobile devices, services and software. For example, some people always choose Apple over Android, while others go with Microsoft Exchange over Gmail. But productivity depends less on the devices themselves than on the person using them. For some employees, mobile devices can help them accomplish work tasks during a long transcontinental flight. For other employees, mobile devices only provide distractions in the form of games and entertainment.

Here are three tips for maintaining productivity while working on multiple devices:

  1. Use mobile devices to alert you of changes: A lot can happen while you’re away from your desk. If you leave the office for two hours, you may face a totally different situation upon your return. By setting up alerts on your smartphone, you can see if any critical emails or messages came in while you were out.
  2. Use your smartphone to organize and prioritize tasks ahead of time: While on the go, you can use your smartphone to cue, sort and prioritize emails, and reply to them when you return to your desk.
  3. Save the serious typing for your laptop: Pecking out a lengthy email on your iPhone is far less efficient than typing on a full keyboard.

In the end, you can’t lug a workstation and cubicle everywhere you go. At the same time, mobile devices aren’t always the right tool for every task. The trick to maintaining productivity while working with multiple devices lies in knowing how to pair the right tool to the right task for maximum impact.

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