Like. Share. Tweet. Pin. +1. Repeat.

Being social is core to human nature. With mobile devices we have the ability to be social in every aspect of our lives, and we love it. Businesses have learned that Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are great ways to interact and develop relationships with customers. However, social trends are changing, and a business is no longer being social enough by just having a Facebook or Twitter account.


Social is mobile. With over 1 billion smartphones in the world, consumers are spending more time with mobile apps than on personal computers. Mobile is the new hotspot for being social. Businesses are beginning to understand that having a Facebook page is not enough anymore, and they need to connect with consumers in a new way. Mobile.

For a business, having a mobile app is crucial to accessing the benefits of social platforms. Whether you are a restaurant, clothing store, or a small mom + pop hardware shop, people want to share their experiences that they had with your brand with friends. Almost every app should include social functionalities to make it easy for people to share. In order to be on top in the social marketplace you need a mobile app for your business because mobile apps are the future of social and here’s why.

1. Anywhere, Anytime

We are attached to our mobile devices at the hips, palms, and fingertips. We are never without our phones and we love using them everywhere from waiting for the bus or when our date goes to the bathroom (they’re probably using their phone in the bathroom too). We love the ability to share whenever we have a free second, and mobile devices allow us to be social from anywhere at anytime.

By having a mobile app, businesses get placed in the consumer’s pocket and are with them all the time. Adding social share buttons inside the app makes it convenient for people to share with their friends any interaction they have with a brand whenever they want. Being with the customer 24/7 is an opportunity businesses shouldn’t pass up.

2. Fast, Simple, & Easy

TAP. The picture of your daughter walking for the first time, that cool music video, great meal you just ate, or high score has now been shared. Sharing via mobile apps is fast, and easily done with one tap of a button. Through a mobile app, businesses can easily customize tweets and shares to make it even easier for people to quickly tell the world about what they are doing with a single tap.

The easier it is for people to share the more sharing that will happen. Mobile apps offer an easy and fast way for consumers to share with their friends. Just as Facebook and Twitter are great ways to reach out to people, getting people to actively post to social sites about your business via your mobile app can drive consumer engagement to another level. Mobile apps make it incredibly easy to increase social interactions and mentions between the consumer and business.

3. Every Mobile App Can Be Its Own Social Platform

Integrating social features into your app like comments, likes, or even in-app messaging that connect people to other people using the app will turn your app into a social platform. By having social features inside an app, people will spend more time in the app. Apps using Facebook login to facilitate social interactions have already shown an increase in engagement, retention, and monetization. Harnessing social features in-app to connect consumers to their peers is part of the future of social. Imagine wanting to buy a new pair of pants, but not being sure of the size and fit. There are reviews, but none of them provide the information you need. With in-app social capabilities, you are able to contact one of the reviewers through the app to gain more information and perspective from them. Businesses that facilitate in-app social interactions between consumers will be pioneering the combination of mobile and social and consumers will choose those brands over others.

Social media is more than just about letting costumers talk about a business. It is about connecting with the business as well. One of the best tools a business has for getting feedback about its products and services is through social media. Having a mobile app makes it easy for businesses and consumers to interact anywhere and anytime.

Taking advantage of social interactions used to be difficult and confusing for businesses. With the rise of mobile apps, businesses are now able to take more control of social media through their own apps. Mobile devices are the perfect medium for social media. By utilizing social media with a mobile app for your company, you will be interacting with your customers in a whole new way. Social is key to the future of customer relationships and the future of social is all about being mobile.