Enterprise_readyFrom entertainment to productivity, apps fuel many functions of our lives. We use them to keep in touch with friends and family, schedule our days, pay bills or make purchases, play games, watch the latest episode of our favorite show, and more.

Smartphones have made it to the bedroom (4 out of 5 Americans check their phone within the first 15 minutes of waking up) and the bathroom (75 percent admit to brining their phone to the bathroom!). But when it comes to the boardroom, continually checking your phone is frowned upon. Why? Likely because the enterprise hasn’t upgraded to an app-friendly workplace.

Enterprise-ready apps are one of the best ways to ease your business into a secure, reliable world of apps that can boost productivity and bottom line results. Enterprise apps sync with the techs you team already uses, which simplifies business process and brings great return.

1. Unparalleled Security

When searching for an appropriate business app, security is one of the utmost important factors. You can’t risk data leaks or breaches when your business’ most critical data is on the line.

Your business needs apps that deliver without risking a company’s compliance, privacy, or data security.

Look for enterprise-level app certifications that do the heavy lifting for you. Businesses need confidence that employees can securely access important business data during remote business meetings. When researching an enterprise app’s security features, look for the following:

  • Permission settings, encryption layers, and authentication features to ensure content is safe.
  • Tools to manage and identity of users for confidence only permitted employees are access data.
  • App-level and device-level security settings, including passcodes and remote storage wipe.
  • Visibility or administration settings that allow user control.

2. Seamless Interoperability & Connectivity

Imagine for a moment that all of your business platforms played nice. CRM data flows into reporting and analytics software seamlessly, and is delivered to the executive team in real-time. With enterprise-ready apps, it’s possible.

Enterprise apps allow for smooth, centralized workflows, remotely, from anywhere. Since all employees can access the information they need when they need it right on their device, you get a connected workforce.

3. Cut Costs On Custom-Built Apps 

According to Kinvey’s App Cost Estimator tool, you’d spend more than $186,500, 446 person days, and 8 personnel on a medium sized (3-8 screens), multi-platform-friendly, enterprise app.

Creating custom apps for the enterprise processes is tedious—and a waste of resources when there’s an approved, enterprise-ready app that can perform the same function.

Roambi Named A Box Assured App

Roambi was recently added to the Box Assured App program. The program assesses business apps on enterprise-readiness and security features. A few of the program requirements are listed below.

  • Integration with Box using its Content API.BOX-1
  • Assessed for data exposure issues.
  • Remediated any issues that were of concern.
  • Agreed to an annual rescan.

With apps on the Box Assured Apps list, you’re assured that they meet some of the highest enterprise security requirements, and are completely ready for enterprise integration. The Assured Apps program did the heavy lifting for your business; rest assured that these apps are the best choices for any business needs.

Ready to get started with a secure, enterprise-ready app? Download a free trial of Roambi

Photo credit: Alejandro Escamilla