We recently discussed mobile marketing with three awesome mobile marketing pros: Tim Hayden, Kim Dushinski and Chris Brisson.

They shared their advice on the most important mobile marketing strategies and what companies should work on for the future.

For highlights of their wisdom, plus a little rap song parody, keep reading.

How Do You Define Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing can mean a lot of things, which can throw businesses and marketers for a loop.

So what does it really mean to “do” mobile marketing?

Our guest experts explained that it’s any engagement on a smart device, like a smartphone or a tablet. It may incorporate other online marketing strategies, including email, social media and a company website, but the key is that it’s all on the go.

Greatest Benefit of Mobile Marketing?

We all know why smartphones are great – everything we could ever need to know is right there in our hands.

But mobile devices are great for marketers, too, because you can send your audience everything you want them to know – no matter where they might be.

Just Getting Started? Where to Focus Your Efforts?

The answer to this one is surprisingly clear – everything you put out to the web should be able to go mobile.

If someone visits your website on their phone, you want them to be able to view your site. Otherwise that’s a lost customer.

Equally as important are mobile-friendly emails. You’re reaching out to someone because they already indicated they are interested in what you have to say, so make sure they can see it.

Predicting the future is hard to do, but our guest experts gave it a shot.

They said that mobile marketing will continue to grow in scope, importance and capability throughout 2014. It will become more personalized and more specific, hopefully making it more successful.

One Last Mobile Email Design Tip from Tim

When designing websites and email newsletters for mobile, Tim offers one final tip:

To see the whole conversation with Kim, Chris, Tim and others, check out our Storify article.

Also be sure to check out our guest experts’ content below:

How Do You Use Mobile Marketing In Your Business?

Mobile marketing touches so many aspects of your business. We recently teamed up with 60 Second Marketer and surveyed folks from around the globe to find out how businesses are using mobile marketing in 2014.

We’d love to know how you’re using it for your business, and what results you have seen thus far. Comment below with your insight.