Mobile_Statistics_2015As fellow marketers, we know that the first month of a new year can be a tough one. January is all about foreshadowing, goal setting, and strategizing to create a master marketing plan for 2015. And compiling this guiding beacon is no easy feat, especially when it comes to negotiating and allocating financial resources. What do you prioritize? What do you cut?

To help you make wise investment decisions, we’ve done some trend spotting for you. Specifically, we’ve rounded up the freshest statistics and charts that reveal the increasing importance of mobile (and mobile apps!) in consumer lives. Use these to convince your boss for more budget and bandwidth.

1) Mobile devices are becoming omnipresent across the globe.

2) Consumer app-etite is growing because app retention and engagement have improved.


(Original chart found here)

3) Mobile is winning the battle for consumer time in key categories, like social networking and entertainment.


(Graph courtesy of comScore)

4) Brands are investing more in mobile ads because they perform better than online ads.

5) Mobile app revenue and the number of m-commerce transactions completed in apps will be higher than ever.


(Graph courtesy of Statista)

6) Mobile is eating into the time people spend watching television.

7) People now spend more time using apps than they do accessing the web from a desktop or mobile device.


(Graph courtesy of MarketingCharts)


(Graph courtesy of Nielsen)

The Web to Apps Movement: What the Numbers Tell Us

One of the most interesting trends we see (as presented in the stats above) is a movement away from traditional websites to appified experiences. People are choosing to spend more and more time with apps because they are personalized, intuitively designed, and task-oriented.

Are you ready for the app-driven future? Join us for our upcoming webinar and we’ll teach you everything need to know to feel confident in a world dominated by apps, not websites. And don’t worry; a lot of your online skills are transferrable to mobile (we’ll show you how!).