Apps have become a crucial part of everyday life. Almost everyone uses apps. Even college students use apps! If you are a college student, or even someone that is interested in apps, here are 20 of the best college student apps. They can help you study, memorize facts, stay up to date, and stay current on your social network.

1. Blackboard Learn: If your school uses Blackboard, this app can help you see what needs to get done on all your classes.

2. myHomework: This is a great app that can help you see the homework that you have due. You can even set up a project calendar and test calendar.

3. Evernote: If you need help with taking notes, this app lets you take pictures, record, and write notes for you to search for later. This could be helpful to get a lot of students using this app

4. To Do’s: This is a great app if you like to make to do lists. You can create different lists for different aspects of your life.

5. A Personal Assistant: This app does it all! It can keep track of your spending habits, your different tasks you need to do, even your frequent flier miles!

6. Gmail: If most of your professors are going to be updating you via email, make sure that you have an app that will keep your email current.

7. ShopShop: This is a great app for when you need to run to the grocery store. It helps you make a list of things that you need to buy and helps you calculate how much it would be.

8. Sparky: If you are in need of remembering plots for books, this app is a smaller version of Cliffnotes and will help you find plot summaries.

9. Mathemagics Lite: If you need some help in the math department, this handy app will help you solve math problems.

10. Free Spanish Tutor: If you are taking a Spanish class, this could help your grade. It helps you with vocab, quizzes, and reviews.

11. USA Presidents: If you are in a US history class, make sure that you have this app. It will help you remember the presidents, and other important dates in US history.

12. History: Maps of the World: In a geography class? Make sure you have this app, it has handy quizzes to help you remember continents.

13. Word of the Day Lite: If you want to add words to your vocabulary, download this app!

14. Art Lite: In an art history class? This app has small blurbs on different artists that you will remember for your test.

15. Brain Tutor 3D: With this app, you will be able to learn more about the human brain. Perfect for pre-med and anatomy students.

16. planetFacts: If you are in an astronomy class, this can help you remember your astronomy facts.

17. Free French Word of the Day: In a French class? This app can help you practice French.

18. StudySets – Psychology Lite: If you are in a psych class, this will help you remember useful terms.

19. Vocabolistic: If you want to increase your vocabulary, you can add this app to your phone.

20. Answers: powered by Yahoo! Answers: This app can help you answer any questions that you might have.

21. Pocket Lawyer Lite: If you are into political science or law, this app can help you stay up to date with things that you should be informed about.

22. gFlash + Flashcards and Tests: This is great if you want to create flashcards. You can share them with other classmates so they can use them too!

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