A few years ago it would have been hard to predict the riot that is the exploding App Industry. There is a veritable stampede as this young industry takes root, but there’s no sign of slowing in its growth yet. With a growth spurt to rival that of toddler-hood, there’s an inevitable sense that the market players are still only just finding their feet and growth is set to continue rapidly in the years to come. App Store Growth is one to watch again in 2016.

The Who, The What, The Why of App Store Growth

Healthy, steady growth is expected of any new industry. In the 21st Century new industries tend to either die a quick death or take off like a bullet from a gun. With approximately 1 billion smartphones sold globally each year, double the amount of PC sales, it’s hardly surprising. Whilst most of us are still in awe of just what a smart phone can do, App Stores are keeping us well fed. The result is a booming industry.

App Store Growth represents the fundamental change in the way people interact with their phones. We have come to expect more. In fact, if we can dream it we believe we can have it. Whatever task we want to complete we’re getting pretty used to there being an App around to do it.

The main players of App Store Growth: iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore are all continuing to break their own records…but the data is a little more crazy yet. Last year, Google Play had 100% more downloads that Apple’s App Store. “Yay, they’ve overtaken them” Android supporters think. Well, it’s not quite so clear cut. Apple’s App Store made over 70% more revenue. In a nutshell, iOS may have a smaller market share than Android, but they’re bringing in more bucks.

Who’s Behind it All?

We’re not talking the big names here. The single biggest reason this industry has gone wild in terms of growth is down to the army of App developers building mobile apps at a rate never before seen. App development is on the rise to meet the burgeoning demand and for them the platform itself is of secondary importance.

Apps are now being developed and in use covering a monumental array of purposes: from business to food and drink; lifestyle and catalogs; games to music; entertainment to photography; social networking to finance. If business is done in it, there’s an App opportunity for it. Put simply, App Store Growth is thanks to developers.

The developers are the brains and the force driving the market onwards and upwards. They are meeting and exceeding the demand of this vibrant industry. The developers are answering consumer’s needs and delivering on expectations. Businesses are coming to realize that Apps are the way forward.

Staying Cool – The Upcoming App Store Growth Trends of 2016

With 46% of App downloaders having paid for an app, the upfront money to be made is obvious. But dig a little deeper and the benefit to the bottom line of businesses small and large is apparent. App revenue is estimated to be $24.5 billion: let’s see a business owner who doesn’t want their share of that. But how do developers, the driving force of the industry, keep ahead of the game in 2016.

  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing:

With the market experiencing such exponential growth you can’t just sit back and let an app speak for itself in terms of functionality, and quietly let it find its feet and grow based on nothing more than word of mouth. Business Marketing Strategies need to include App Marketing in a big way. New apps need to stand out from the crowd and as such marketing and advertising campaigns need to spread their wings and develop a much greater presence.

  • Context, Context, Context:

Marketing can’t end with the sign-off of an ad, or the sneaky chat of an editorial. Context-aware marketing and utilization needs to take place. Big Brother or not – it’s easy data to collect, and App Store Growth is going to be dependent on developers utilizing a person’s interests, history, preferences and location.

  • Wear it Don’t Hold It:

App developers need to be acutely aware of how their App will be used and viewed. 2016 is going to see an increasing boom in wearable technology, such as the Smart Watch. Developers need to be savvy and ahead of the game to take this share of the market before others.

  • The Wow-Factor:

Functionality is no longer enough. Yes we all think Apps are super-duper clever, but when there are hundreds vying for our attention you need to make yours stand out. Yours needs to be the cherry on the cake whilst the others are just the frosting. App developers need to look at interface design and make you covet more than just the App’s function, but covet its look and style.

  • Smart Objects Smart Sense:

Dream it: Do it. With busy lifestyles and increasing tech in our lives we want simplicity. App developers can get in there and make our lives easier in innumerable ways with mobile-connected smart objects, from lighting and heating to appliances, sports equipment and even medical devices.

2016 is the Future of App Store Growth

No one’s in any doubt that 2016 is going to be another incredible year for App Store Growth, with developers excited and ready to take on the challenge. There’s no leveling out on the horizon any time soon, and as the industry takes its steps from toddler-hood to childhood, there’s not much sign that the ultimate resting place will be anything other than an exceptionally tall giant.