Apple has recently released a new mobile phone – iPhone 5C, positioned as a budget solution for those who want iPhone, but does not want to spend money on the premium version. The experts made their own opinion why Apple released such a phone. According to them, there are two main reasons for it.

The first probable reason is the fact that the announcement of new Apple phones (iPhone 5C andl iPhone 5S) was not accompanied by a presentation of a new generation of iPod Touch, as it always has been. Let’s remind that the media player is an exact iPhone copy, but without a possibility to make calls.

Experts believe that Apple has just decided to gradually replace iPod Touch media player with a similar in price version of iPhone, and it prompted the company to release iPhone 5C. The time to release such a phone is chosen very carefully: there is a decline in descrease rate of the average Android phone cost -it is about $ 300 now. iPhone 5C is available for as little as $100, but , however, with a two-year contract with the service provider. If you do not agree to such conditions, the phone’s price immediately goes up at exactly five times. This fact, of course, caused a skeptical grin of many analysts.

The second reason smoothly follows from the first one: iPhone 5C is aimed at those who do not want or cannot afford to buy an ordinary iPhone 5S, for example, pre-school and school children. Their parents are not willing to buy them very expensive toys. The coloful housings of iPhone 5 C indirectly confirms the focus on young people.

Statistics also confirms this version – in recent years the number of children, who started to use smartphones, has increased significantly. In the United States there are already 44 % of smartphone owners among children aged 12 to 17 years, and in 4 years their number will have 73%. Apple knows this, and therefore of its new iPhone 5C has the potential to become very popular among the people in that age category.

However, it should be noted that both iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in their essence offer nothing new, especially in terms of design. The only thing that experts admit is a 64 -bit processor in iPhone 5S, which of course is replaced in an inexpensive iPhone 5C.

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