Halloween fun isn’t just for the kiddos – children and adults alike love adding a dash of seasonal spooks to their everyday activities during the Halloween season. The National Retail Federation anticipates Halloween spending to reach $8.4 billion in 2016, higher than any year in the survey’s history.

Even if you’re not a retail brand, incorporating a nod to the holidays is a great way to build app user relationships and add some personality into your messaging. So check out 16 ways apps can add in some Halloween fun; not all these strategies will apply for all app audiences, but they’ll certainly spark some inspiration.

1. Use Fun Messaging | All

Any app, from news to food apps, can add seasonally-themed punchlines to their push messages for an added dose of fun.
A message for a pizza delivery app might read: “Hurrah, your pizza is out for delivery – don’t mistake us for a trick-or-treater!”

2. Help Users With Their Costumes | Retail

Retail clothing or fashion apps might consider showing how some outfits can be used as part of a fashion-conscious dressup. That white pant suit can be an office favorite and double as a Clinton costume!

3. Any Excuse For Spooktacular Savings | Retail

You don’t need to have a retail storefront to take advantage of promoting Halloween deals – any business can use the season as an excuse to offer deep discounts.

4. Send Friends A Scare | Social media

Social apps can use the Halloween season to run unique interaction opportunities! Let friends send each other jump-scare messages to up the scare factor.

5. Themed Photo Filters | Photo

Photo apps can add horror-themed filters so that users can frighten their friends! Snapchat is a regular pro at this technique.


6. Add Goblin & Ghoul User Avatars | Social media

Social apps might also offer fall-themed avatars or profile icons that users can temporarily wear to get them in the seasonal mood.

7. Halloween-ify Your Game | Games

Gaming apps can temporarily add Halloween-themed skins or bonus levels only available during October.

8. Push the Pumpkin Spice | Restaurants

Coffee apps should have no qualms with shamelessly promoting their pumpkin spiced coffees – there are few things people love more in the fall than cuddling up with a pumpkin-packed brew.

9. Cash In On The Candy Craze | Retail

Homeowners everywhere will soon be making the mad dash for bags of candy to hand out at their homes. Retail stores that sell candy can use this opportunity to get folks in their store with a well-crafted push offer.

“Get 25% off all packs of candy through October 31st for spooktacular savings!”

10. Backgrounds & Notification Sounds | Digital Accessories

Apps that provide smartphone wallpapers, notification sounds, and lock screens may want to consider highlighting their Halloween selection for the month of October.

11. Promote Horror Movie Classics | Media/Entertainment

Media apps like Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu can call attention to their horror movie offerings, as users love to be terrified during this time of year. Don’t make users dig and search for Texas Chainsaw Massacre – deliver it right on the welcome dashboard to feed their need for a frightening flick!

12. Update App Icons | All

Some apps use holidays to refresh their app icon creatives, adding a seasonal theme to draw the attention of users!


13. Highlight Pumpkin-Powered Events | Events

Event and activity apps should make sure to call attention to harvest festivals, pumpkin-picking parties, and haunted house gatherings. Users are often drawn to seasonal events, so showcasing them in your app is sure to be a hit.

14. Face Painting Tips | Beauty/Retail

Beauty apps can devote special content to face painting, showing users how to create gruesome zombie scars with basic drugstore makeup! Retailers, since you’re selling it this works for you, too.

15. The Perfect Halloween Soundtrack | Music

Music apps can create custom playlists composed of spooky songs that users adore this time of year, from Thriller to Monster Mash.


16. Pumpkin Pie & Beyond | Food/Cooking

Food and cooking apps might consider devoting prime app real estate to pumpkin-based recipes and meals. At-home chefs love incorporating seasonal ingredients – show users what they can find at their farmers’ markets this time of year and how to whip up something special that’s seasonal.

What’s the best Halloween app marketing you’ve seen so far this year?