If you count among those people who worship Apple, and possess at least one gadget out of their ever-growing selection, here are 15 must-have productivity boosters!

Your Personal Newsfeed

Don’t have time to skim through magazine and news sites? Prismatic helps you skip this part and brings you all the news that are relevant to you – onto your iPad and iPhone. Simply select your interests and Prismatic will do the rest …

A Better Calendar

Fantastical is, as the name predicts, a fantastic option to iCal. Embedded in your tray you can easily access your calendar and add new events via smart recognition of dates, times and invitees. Fantastical is available for your Mac and iPhone.

Supercharge Your To-Do List

Pen & Paper started it, a memo pad brought it to moble devices, and Checkmark revolutionizes the way we handle tasks. Add your reminders, along with a date/time or location to notify you. Available for your iPhone.

Still Email – But Better

Yes, there is a great alternative to Mail out there – and it’s called Sparrow. Whether you use it on Mac or iPhone Sparrow shines with its simplistic design and uncomplex features.

Your emails shall not overshadow your productivity. Try AwayFind; filter high-priority messages to actually come through, while all others will have to wait until you’ve ticked off the big tasks on your to-do list.

Time Your Text Messages

In certain situations, timing your message right can be key. You could set yourself a reminder – but why bother if you can use txtot to schedule a future message on your iPhone right away? Write it, time it, done!

All Your Messengers In One

Do you know Adium? It’s a messenger platform that allows you to connect pretty much any messenger out there to one application. And all it is is a little green duck sitting on your dock.

Time Tracking At Its Best

People who work by the hour have one thing in common: the need for a solid time tracking tool. Here it is: Toggl. It works on any device (literally) and makes project management so much easier.

Work Together Brilliantly

There are lots of team collaboration apps out there – but no other really gets the point across like Wunderlist does. It works on every device, makes it easy to delegate, update and prioritze, and keeps everyone in the loop automatically. What else could you ask for?

Documents Gone Mobile

With more and more tablets coming out, mobile solutions for Microsoft Office are inevitable. Our favorite one is CloudOn. Open and edit your files from your iPad and sync new versions to your preferred cloud storage.

Another masterpiece in document management is Sliderocket – in this case for presentations. Sliderocket allows you to create slideshows on your iPad, and becomes your best feedback tool once you send it out. It’ll tell you how much time the recipient spent on the presentation, what slides were most interesting and many other details that arm you for a spot-on follow up!

Your Favorite Finds Online – Available Offline

Bookmarking services are nothing new – there are tons out there! But here is one that has one significant extra feature: Pocket. What is the feature? When you bookmark a page online Pocket downloads it onto your device – which means you can access the page later even if you are offline. Available on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Your Contact Management Automator

Have you thought about the stack of business cards on your desk lately; the ones that you’ve gotten recently and should theoretically be adding to your contact list? If you have an iPhone there is help: CardMunch. Simply scan the business card, and CardMunch will add it to your address book. Not only that, it’ll also find the person on LinkedIn and send a connection request on your behalf.

Switch To A Truly Awesome Sales Pipeline

Keeping track of your prospects can be tough – especially if you are overseeing multiple sales agents. It is time to get Pipedrive. On one neat screen you get an overview of the status of every project. Get it on your iPhone and iPad.

The Best Motivator

Last but definitely not least, our beloved motivational app. Lift.do encourages you to reach your personal goals by connecting you with a community of people trying to do the same. By showing you your progress, and motivating each other within the community, your goal will not seem so difficult after all …

Those were our 15 off-the-top-of-our-head iOS productivity apps. Visit Mevvy.com to find more apps & tools for your iOS devices. What do you use, and for what tasks?

Image Source: www.appleproductivity.com