Apps enrich our lives and make our business and personal chores much easier to accomplish. They allow us to create our own radio stations, organize our daily activities, and keep in contact with everyone on our friends’ lists. Even better, a growing number of apps are available through the cloud, allowing the user to sync their activity and have the same access and experience on multiple devices.

Apple’s App Store and its new iCloud offer a particularly rich selection of cloud-based apps for Mac users. Below is our selection of the 15 desktop apps that are indispensable (or should be) for every Mac user:

How many times a day do you need to enter a username and password. How many variations of usernames and passwords are you required to remember throughout the day. 1Password is a password storage app that stores user names, passwords, personal information for registration forms, and even credit card numbers. The information is encrypted and requires users remember just one password for the 1Password site.


Blotter is calendar-viewer that seamlessly integrates with iCal (the default calendar on Mac OS X) and renders your calendar on top of your desktop. Just like a physical blotter, but for your Mac desktop, Blotter allows you to fast and easily see an overview of your week, without being in the way.


Carousel is a cloud-based photo editing and sharing app from Adobe. You can browse, view, adjust, and share your photos from any device. You can show off your pictures as a slide show to your friends any time, anywhere.

Cloud (
Drag a file to the cloud icon and it will save the file as a link to share on social media web sites. It will also create shortened URLs from browsers, perfect for sharing on Twitter.


With DocPrinter, you can print documents, pictures, or even Web sites from any device, just by using the cloud and WiFi to connect to a printer. You can also store documents in the cloud so you can read them from any device and access and print them when needed.

For those who work on multiple desktops and mobile devices, Dropbox lets you store files, photos, and videos in the cloud so they can be accessed anywhere, on either a Mac or PC. You can also share large files with others through Dropbox.


Do you need an app that helps to organize your life? A place where you can keep your shopping list or save interesting Web sites? That app is Evernote. It allows you to save a note to yourself on your computer and later access it from your iPhone.

Like listening to music on Pandora? Pandoraboy is a Mac-only client that allows you to listen to your personalized Pandora radio stations without having to open a Web browser.

Screenr is a Web-based screen recorder that makes it easy to share screencasts on social media sites.

With tax season upon us, Shoeboxed is the app that gets all of your bills, receipts, invoices, and other financial information organized. Once submitted, each document goes through Shoeboxed’s scanning and human verification process, at which time all of the important information is extracted and then posted in a secure online account on

Ask any grandparent – Skype may be the greatest app ever invented. Skype lets you make video calls, as well as calls to regular phone lines and IM. It also works well for those who want to incorporate video conferencing in place of face-to-face meetings. Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

Sparrow is an email client that works well and looks good. The minimal email application integrates easily with other mail providers, including Google and Yahoo. It also integrates with Facebook.

Spotify is liking having a record store at your fingertips. It is useful for discovering new music. It also syncs with iTunes so that you can listen to music you own as well as music you don’t, all in one playlist.

Things is a Mac desktop application for simple task and project management. You can create lists of current tasks and projects with special features for easy organization, including custom tags, a ‘today’ list, item scheduling, a ‘someday’ list, and the ability to assign tasks to team members. The app is also available for the iPhone and iPad with easy syncing between all devices across a shared wireless network.

Who has just one social media account? TweetDeck allows users to manage multiple accounts. You can view news feeds for twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and even MySpace. It displays separate channels neatly in their own columns, making it easy to search through each feed individually.

If you’ve been counting, that’s 15, but here’s a bonus app for those times when you need to delete an application from your desktop. AppCleaner lets you uninstall an app and makes sure it is totally eliminated from your computer.

As the cloud and cloud services increases in popularity, there will be more apps that will allow you to do almost anything you can imagine, from any place on earth.

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