“Everything begins with an idea!”

~Earl Nightengale

This quote has been talked about and discussed ample times. And your idea doesn’t need to be totally unique to be great. It just needs to offer something unique that solves a problem no one knew could be solved.

Take the example of Instagram. It knew there was a social media app where people could share pictures with their network. Yet, it managed to become a photo-sharing app by identifying it’s product differentiators.

The one lesson that all businesses can take from Instagram is that even the most exploited app idea can be turned into a successful app if you add a unique feature to it. Make things more interesting, interactive, and uncomplicated with an app, even if it is an overused idea. Remember, there are some app ideas that will always remain evergreen.

With that thought, let’s throw light on some amazing evergreen app ideas that will be worth giving a try in 2021.

1. Live eCommerce App

While eCommerce apps are evergreen for businesses across all verticals, adding the live touch to it could be a great way to move beyond the regular. A great idea would be to build a live eCommerce app. It could connect the buyers with sellers from all parts of the world in real-time. They can sit at the comfort of their homes and shop from sellers in top global markets.

The app can come with two interfaces – one for the buyers and another for sellers. The store salesmen can display their items. Buyers can pick items from the display and pay online to make their purchase.

2. Outdoor Public Washroom App

The urgent situation of finding a public toilet is always frustrating. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, the inability to find a restroom can cause a lot of issues. And it becomes even more hassling when you have to drive slowly and keep looking for a washroom sign at every corner of the street or road.

How about an app that could help you find the nearest washroom. It would eliminate the need to rush to the nearest mall to go to the toilet. There are several highways and roads where there are no public restrooms, rather there are washrooms in restaurants and hotels where one can halt. Getting off the car and checking on such washrooms can only intensify the urgency and make matters even worse. Everyone offering washroom services on such routes can list their names on the same and have more people stopping by.

3. Distinguish Real From Fake

With eCommerce sales expected to cross the $4,820 billion mark by the end of 2026, it is certain that the number of online shoppers is set to increase. However, the only issue that most people face when shopping online is the incessant number of fake items sold at the brand price.

If only there could be an app to distinguish the real from fake ones. This app could easily scan through the product screenshot and analyze the product to tell if it’s real or fake. Not just the link or screenshot, the main feature should be to analyze the item through the phone camera to know if it’s real or fake. The app can have Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to analyze the product deeply and check authenticity.

4. Fitness & Health Tracking App

There is an eternal need for people to stay healthy and fit and this need is never going to end. So many people have been prioritizing their health over other things and unless people start neglecting their body, this will stay true forever. Companies in such industries, be it startups, SMEs, or even established enterprises in the health sector can launch their own fitness and health tracker app. Moreover, the latest tech would be reshaping healthcare and one can build an app using the same to join the revolution.

Although there are many such apps on all play stores, people are still looking for something that is more inclusive and more exhaustive. You can have an app that offers everything in one place – food tracking, calorie count, meal suggestions, exercise schedules, personal trainers, step counter, meditation, yoga, specific workout targeting different body parts, and much more. Build your health and fitness app that encompasses everything a user might need and it will offer exciting returns on investment.

5. Gaming App

The revenue from mobile games is expected to exceed $76.7 billion by the end of 2020. No wonder this app category is bound to get huge returns in 2021 and you can be one of the businesses to grasp benefits.

Irrespective of the user demographic, everyone has at least one gaming app on the smartphone. Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Candy Crush, Mini Militia, Pokemon Go, PubG, Among Us, etc., came up with innovative ideas that addicted everyone and these became the trending apps on all app stores. All businesses can use these gaming apps as an inspiration to build a new app.

6. Budget Monitoring App

This is a common problem among people of all ages – they tend to go over the budget every month or even on every shopping spree. An app that could help monitor the budget and keep a check on it can save many. Moreover, everyone would love to have an all-inclusive personal finance app to improve the financial health of the person.

There is an unending need in people to better manage their finances. An app that could help them manage everything and keep within the budget could be a Godsend. This app could have numerous features like adding the monthly budget, scanning of the same, reminding of the spending, and much more. Additional features could be quick saving modes, debt payoffs, one-touch investment, tips on budget planning, etc.

The interface should be simple as most people don’t want to complicate their budgeting process. Moreover, it can help them personalize the entire experience by choosing their age, income, spending habits, etc.

7. Navigating Public Transport App

There is a sizable populace that commutes via public transport each day. While the regular commuters usually know the timing of public transport and their routes, many people are oblivious to that. While Google Maps does show the ETA of public transport, it isn’t always accurate.

Like Uber constantly shows the location of the car in real-time, this app could have the same functionality to show the real-time location of public transport. They should be able to choose from the different modes of transport around like the train, metro, buses, etc. An additional feature in the app could be to book tickets through the same for the particular timing.

8. On-Demand Home Services App

Whether it is cleaning, painting, plumbing, small fixes, or any other work, there are so many services required at home. There are so many things that you might require at home. How about creating an app that would connect the service providers with those in need. This app could have a dual interface where the service providers and the users can connect.

It can be for grocery delivery from the nearest grocery store, delivery of products from one place to another, home cleaning, decoration, renovation, small fixes, cooking, or any other thing, this could be the perfect app. Such an app could be very useful for everyone who is looking for any kind of home service on-demand.

9. Blockchain Security App

Security has always been a big concern for everyone in the digital age. Ever since the dawn of the internet, the rate of cybercrimes has been on the rise. Having a security app that tracks, records, and secures every online transaction can make things easier.

And what better way to secure all such things than blockchain. This cutting edge technology would be offering the best encryption to all the apps on the mobile phone and secure it for tension-free transactions.

10. Parking Finder App

Finding a parking spot has always been an issue for all drivers, especially during rush hours and seasonal crowds. And with the increase in the number of vehicles for personal use, this need has only escalated. It would be a great idea to gift all the drivers a parking finder app in 2021.

While startups can certainly start materializing on this idea, cab service companies or any other business offering similar route or transport service could create this app as a sister app for their business. It would be extremely helpful to find the nearest parking spot along with the fares and a feature to reserve a spot.

11. Healthcare App

There will never be a time when people would not prioritize their health over all else. And with this Covid pandemic, the healthcare sector has become much more prioritized. As people are scared to step out to hospitals, there can be an app that would allow all people to diagnose their issues at home without having to visit any healthcare center.

Today, around 52% of the world populace uses their mobile phones to access any health-related information. You can build any telemedicine or telehealth app that would offer healthcare services to people at their homes.

12. Travel Buddy App

No matter what, people love traveling as a way to take a break from the monotony of everyday life. But while traveling is super relaxing, planning for the same is super hectic. And this has been a problem for ages. Those in the travel and tourism industry or planning to enter the same can launch a new travel buddy app with features to simplify and make traveling even more fun based on the traveler’s interests.

Build an app with a chatbot that interacts with the travelers and becomes a travel buddy for all travelers. It should cater to their varying traveling needs. It could tell about the hidden unexplored places, best restaurants for different tastes, interesting things to do, events to attend, and much more around a specific location. Moreover, it could custom-make travel plans for all travelers based on their traveling preferences within different budgets. It could have additional features to connect travelers with like-minded people to hang out with.

13. Personal Chef App

Everyone loves to eat but few can cook sumptuous food. While there are several apps that help foodies find the best restaurants around them to order food, not everyone can find what they are craving online. And that is where a personal chef app can be of help.

You can always build a mobile app that can connect people with the nearest chef. It can have a chat option to allow people to find the contact details of the chefs and discuss their food requirements. Even when hosting some small family event or get together at home, this app could allow personal chefs to come to the home and take care of the meal preparation. The app can also have complete details of the chef, review options, special items, and much more to help the users make a decision. Chefs can set their own hourly rates or charge as per the meal portion and the complexity of the dish.

14. Messenger With 3-D Avatar App

Technology has advanced to the next level and in trying times like the present, an app that creates 3-D avatars of people to chat can be really helpful. With the virtual avatars of each person, this app can take messaging to the next level.

This app can analyze the physical features of the individuals and create avatars. Once those are created, they can use AR or VR to create 3-D avatars. With virtual reality gears becoming so common, this app can become a favorite of so many in a quick time.

Take The Next Step

There is certainly no way of knowing what app idea will work and what won’t. If you think your evergreen app idea has the uniqueness that would differentiate it from other apps, start developing it. To be safe, you can start with a minimum viable product and test it among some early adopters to get confirmation. Once the product is loved by the people, you can move ahead to ad beautify the app with new features, better UI, and an unmatched user experience.

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