Use the best apps available to boost your marketing efficiency — and keep your campaigns on track from inception to execution.


We’re obsessed with mobile apps — and there’s no reason why marketers can’t use them to make their working lives more successful by helping inspire, create, manage and execute campaigns that deliver.


Have an amazing idea at 3am? Jot it down in an instant and sync everywhere. Alternatively, go to sleep and cross your fingers you’ll remember it in the morning. Your call.


Imagine the app as a warehouse stuffed with all your files — now imagine you don’t need the stamina of an Amazon worker to walk around it and ‘post’ its contents to all and sundry.

Google Drive

Like Dropbox but you and colleagues can get together to edit, collaborate and brainstorm using Google’s documents whether you happen to be in the boardroom or bathroom.


Great if you like making quick, reliable and transparent recordings of those fiddly expenses while on a business trip. Awful if you just like fiddling your expenses.


Yes, you can load it up with huge amounts of bespoke, targeted content to consume professionally or socially. But never mind such pragmatism — it’s still just so darn gorgeous.


Watch presentations live, hold meetings, record webinars — you’ll never need to leave your office again. That’s a good thing. Right?


Buff up on your or your clients’ social feeds in an instant to stop fretting over how well that news-jacking Facebook posting is going down while you’re on the move…


Plug all your fave marketing feeds into this app; its appetite unquenchable, unstoppable but thankfully, utterly accessible.


Find and track brand mentions across, well, everything online — Mention is the ultimate in professional eavesdropping tools in the palm of your hand. It’s like the NSA but legal.



Got a picture that screams ‘viral’? Dress it up in a tasty template before adding spangly text and deploying it on the spot. Job done.


Sadly, there’s only so much time in the day to surf articles and web pages. So stuff them all in your ‘Pocket’ and they’ll automatically sync with your devices for commute-friendly gorging.


Create schedules, develop and track ideas and more on one platform that all the marketing team can dive into. You’ll never need a project management meeting again. Happy days!

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