You use your smartphone to take pictures of your friends, family, and your cats. But did you know you could turn your phone into an indispensible business tool?

Here are just a few ways to leverage your camera:


Create Awesome Video Of Your Staff In Action

Create in the moment videos of you and your team to share on social media.

Create A Visual Checklist For Your Employees

Are your employees sloughing off or ignoring your daily checklists? Maybe they are visual learners and can’t appreciate what an awesome checklist you’ve created. Send them the lists with visuals of what the end result of each task should be.


Create Instant Testimonials

Got a super happy customer that just made a purchase? Ask them if you could take a picture or video of them in their excited state.

Have A Face To Face With Your Employees

Need to have a talk with one of your employees but you are both in different cities or countries? Instead of a text message, why not use your phone to host a video call? Mobile apps like Skype and Google Hangouts make it easy (and free) to have a quick video conference with someone.

Document Your Belongings Before You Travel

Have you had your luggage take an unexpected trip at the airport? Before you head out, take a few minutes to snap pictures of your luggage, and it’s unbroken contents. This will help if you need to produce an inventory at some point.


Take Pictures Of Your Business Cards

Got too many business cards floating around your desk, glove compartment and wallet? Why not use your mobile camera to snap and store them digitally? Use an app like like CamCard to scan a digital version of a business card and add detailed notes for a later follow up.

Send Product Images Instantly To Potential Customers

Got a customer calling or emailing you asking about a new product? Take a snapshot of it with your camera and email them a visual while you’re still on the phone to increase your chances of making an instant sale.


Digitize Your Printed Brochures

Use your phone’s camera to and an app like Camscanner to create a PDF version of your digital brochures so that you can email them to your customers.

Remember What It Looked Like

Before you take something totally apart, take a picture of it so you remember how to put it back together. A great idea for display cases and anything else you want to remember before you change it around.

Create a Virtual Filing Cabinet

Save digital copies of receipts, letters, invoices, statements, etc. for easy review when you need them. Apps like Evernote, SpringPad or Keep are all great to store your documents.

Did we miss any? We’d love to read your ideas here!