There are lots of free apps available now that give self-employed business owners the tools they need to manage all areas of their business more quickly and efficiently. Here are 10 free apps that have you managing your business much more effectively this year, saving you both time and money.

  1. EverNote – The Note Taking and ClipBoard App

Evernote allows you to take notes on any device and access those notes on any of your other devices. If you take meeting notes on your computer, you can review them on your phone before an important recap meeting. Also, you can clipboard anything from the internet onto your Evernote app to review later. Evernote can also be a great tool to collaborate, allowing you to share and discuss various notes and clips with your connected users.

  1. Google Voice – Free Number and Online/App Calling

Google Voice is a free internet phone service (VoIP), most suited to self-employed businesses that would only need one user. You can get your own unique business number and then use that to receive and take calls via internet, on your computer or mobile app. You can make conference calls, configure personalized greetings, setup voicemail transcription, and more.

  1. Insightly – Customer Relationship and Project Management

Insightly is a slam-dunk app for small business owners. It allows you to manage contacts, track lead opportunities, co-ordinate/assign projects, and more. You can set up tasks and projects with multiple users, transferring responsibility of the task to different users/employees depending on the stage of the task. Insightly streamlines your business projects and does it for free, so that you will always be on-top of important projects and leads.

To learn more about Insightly and how it stacks up against other CRM’s including paid options, check out this  CRM buyer’s guide.

  1. MailChimp – Free email marketing (1000/month) and Contact List Management

MailChimp is all about email marketing and email contact management. It is a free service that allows you to send up to 1000 marketing emails per month. With a variety of templates, a solid contact management system, and nice email capture forms to put on your website, it is hard to go wrong with MailChimp.

  1. Square – Free Credit Card Reader and No Monthly Processing Service Fees

Square is one of the industry leaders in the mobile credit card processing space. They provide you with a free credit card reader and enable you to be accepting credit payments on your phone or tablet within hours. There is no monthly service fee. You simply pay 2.75% per swiped transaction. With inventory trackings, lots of third-party integrations, and a variety of add-ons, Square is hard to beat.

  1. TripIt – Trip Organization, Itinerary,  and Planning Tool

TripIt is an app that helps you spend more time getting ready for your business trip instead of stressing about it. When you get your hotel, plane, and car rental confirmation emails, simply send them on to [email protected] and your trip’s master itinerary is automatically created. You can sync travel plans with your calendar, manage travel documents in one place, and even share info with select contacts.

  1. TypeForm – Classy and Sophisticated Form/Survey Builder

If you need to create a customer survey to send out via email or to put on your website, then TypeForm is just what you need. Instead of having a one-page form like many other builders, TypeForm allows you to create sophisticated and interactive forms/surveys that ask one question at a time. The graphics are good, the process is smooth, and your customers will be impressed.

  1. UberConference – Free Phone Conferencing

UberConference is an app that lets you make high quality conference calls for free. You set up a call, create a call PIN, and then up to 10 callers can call-in, dial the PIN, and enjoy the benefits of a conference call service at no cost. You can even share your screen to go over sales figures/projects, if all contacts are logged into UberConference’s online site.

  1. Wave – High-Powered Accounting for Free

Wave is one of the top three providers in the accounting software industry (QuickBooks, Xero), and the only free one of the three. It allows you to import bank account info, manage both personal and business accounts using separate tabs, categorize/auto-categorize expenses, run over 40 reports, and more.

  1. Weebly – Free Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

If you are looking to build a website quickly and on the cheap, then Weebly is the way to go. The drag-and-drop builder is one of the easiest in the industry to use. Also, you can have a website with up to 10 pages for free (subdomain of Weebly). If you ever want to upgrade, Weebly has a variety of low-cost plans with all the features you will need to compliment your growing business.

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