Will the bottle versus can beer debate end anytime soon? Not likely, especially when Grammy Award winning artists like Zac Brown Band are partnering with Landshark Lager to create limited-edition, interactive beer cans for fans this summer.

By “blipping” the Landshark cans using the blippar app on a mobile device, Zac Brown fans get exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the band all summer long. Sound gimmicky? It isn’t. I blipped one of these special edition cans and was treated to a tasty cooking video hosted by the group’s very own Chef Rusty, the mastermind behind Zac Brown’s pre-concert “Eat & Greet” hoedowns.

I caught up with Zac Brown guitarist Coy Bowles to learn more about this band/brand match made in “chicken-fried” heaven. Not surprisingly, there’s a long-standing camaraderie with Jimmy Buffet (Landshark is the in-house beer for Buffet’s chain of Margaritaville restaurants).

“His band is a lot like ours,” said Bowles. “We’re kindred spirits. Over last few years we’re staring to see the same fan experience Jimmy has been enjoying.”

In addition to the friendship between bands, Bowles said Landshark is served at Zac Brown Eat & Greets and therefore, the limited-edition Landshark cans, and the behind-the-scenes Blippar videos, become a natural extension of the Zac Brown fan experience.

“The videos open up the curtain to last 10-15 years of what a friendship is like,” said Bowles. “It goes far beyond just the music of the band.”

For the record, Bowles is a beer can enthusiast. He argues that bottled beer is not permitted on most beaches in America and is not proper “river floating” etiquette in his home state of Georgia.

“The ability to be active why still enjoying adult beverages means I have to go with cans because it allows you so much more flexibility,” said Bowles.

Michael Lourie, brand manager for Landshark said both band and brand wanted each one of the cans to be a portal into telling a story the fans typically don’t get to see. “It’s a traveling family that we’re trying to bring to life,” said Lorie.

Lourie said the free Blippar app is the key to telling Zac Brown stories as it is akin to a “QR code on steroids”, able to recognize images, logos and each individual can that takes fans to a separate table of contents for each can design.

Lourie said Landshark (owned by Anheuser-Busch, an SAP customer) is always curious to see how fans are reacting to their products in the marketplace. This program offers a few different points-of-entry and allows Landshark to see exactly what that consumer journey is.

“From the retail experience, which is seeing the cans on the shelf, to being at a concert and seeing a banner or advertisement, we want to know the journey the consumer takes to bring them to the digital content,” said Lourie. “We’ll see how many people are blipping but more importantly how much time people spend with the content. We think this information will help us deliver a better experience for Landshark fans.”

This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.