I think we can safely say that 2011 was a tough one. Everyone’s feeling the pinch, for sure. Tough to give away the same money that you usually give when you need it yourself more than ever. But if you’re an idea person, now is the time to evaluate your true gifts. The ones you were born with.

And then give those gifts away.

Think about it. You could give a nonprofit $50. Or you could give that same nonprofit a marketing idea, something that comes naturally to you, and make that nonprofit $5,000.

Ideas are our greatest gift.

At Ideasicle, we take this concept to heart. We looked for a nonprofit whose values were in line with creativity and ideas, and found The Harvard Center On The Developing Child (HCDC). These good folks work to connect the latest research on the brain and cognition to the people actually working with children every day. Their goal is to improve the learning environment at the time it matters most – when the brain is in development. We figured the success of the HCDC will only mean more capable, more creative people in the future. So I and my Ideasicle Experts donate our time and ideas to this wonderful organization as our way of giving back. No money changes hands. Just ideas.

You can do this too.

First, think about what you want to stamp out in the world – poverty, homelessness, an illness like breast cancer, etc. Then identify a worthy nonprofit who makes it their mission to stamp it out. Now, Google that nonprofit and call anyone in their marketing department to offer up your ideas. I guarantee they will welcome you with open arms (and minds), and will be very respectful of your time.

The good you do will by giving away your natural gifts will make you feel great about yourself, but, more importantly, will help that nonprofit far more than $50 ever could.

A very Happy Holidays to you and yours.