Imagine you are watching a cricket match on your couch. With all the ads coming in for every wicket fall or each innings break, you are getting instant deals listening to the ads of your favourite brands with the help of an application. Well, this might become a reality in the near future with an application which tries just that. Woome tries to provide its users personalized content and offers on the content being played either on television or radio. So what does that mean?

If you see any Pizza Hut ad being played on television while channel surfing, you don’t necessarily need to change the channel and switch to view something better. You can switch on the application and it will recognize the audio for you and then try to push relevant deals related to the brand. (Get 50% Discount on ordering 2 Pizza’s and blah blah). This would not only make couch potatoes like me more productive but also make the advertising industry business more interesting. The application can give marketers a new way to leverage TVand radio ads with an added aspect of instant engagement by the consumer on the relevant ads and offers showcased.

You can download the app if you are an Android User on Google Play and with an iOS version coming shortly, Apple lovers can rejoice too. The account creation was a breeze with the social sign in feature through Facebook working and integrating perfectly. The integration with Twitter would also help though.

What can you do with WooMe?

Woome homeYou can keep the application on while watching television or while listening to radio and you can save relevant offers from brands you like and reject the ones you don’t. The Wallet feature displays your saved offers which you can refer to after your favourite television show is over.

Clicking on any offer will actually show you options like ‘Buy‘ where the user can actually show the intent of buying the product and can avail the offer after going to the store.

And if you don’t have the plans to buy it any sooner, but would love to keep it in your wishlist you have the ‘Want‘ button which expresses your desire to have the product at a later stage. Confused about which colour to buy? Share it with your friends on Twitter/Facebook or email them to discuss and decide.

The ‘Favorite’ section shows the deals of all the brands as a holistic view, in which you can touch over and know more about the offer price and the expiry date of the offer. The application also has embedded a social feature in which you can follow different Woo-ers and track their activities on the app and discuss.

Woome can also track your activity from the background when turned ‘On’ from the settings although it does consume more battery power than usual. The ‘Invite Friends‘ does promise to incentivise me with Woo Points but does not clearly state how many points will I score for each invite I send. Also, it was a hard time to find those points breakdown anywhere in my profile. The User Interface although simple, lacks some finishing touches in terms of placements.

Does it Really Work?

Testing on some of the Brands like Pizza Hut, Big Bazaar and Zara, the app worked beautifully. With the noise reduction technology built in, it could clearly recognize the advertisement within 3-6 seconds even with the surrounding noises. Sanju Raphael, speaking to MediaNama, stated that the company integrates a special audio string to the advertisement or the program which enables the app to identify the program and deliver relevant content. The specific string is repeated every six seconds in the program, so that the app is able to identify the program irrespective of when the user tuned in to it. Raphael stated that the company has a patent pending on this technology. You can try out the deals by listening to some of the ads posted on their Facebook page here.

Woome displaying outdated dealHowever, some of the deals I tried to claim do seem outdated as I tried one with Pizza Hut. The offer stated to be valid only till 7th September 2012 in the screen grab when we are already reaching December! Keeping outdated offers can hamper the prospects and confuse the users on the reliability of the offers provided by WooMe.

How can it do better?

I would give it 10/10 for just thinking of something on the lines of innovation and freshness. However, not every app is perfect and this app too has it’s own shortcomings.

1. Showing outdated deals for any brand might agitate the user a bit, if unaware of the expiry, he goes to the store to claim it only to find out that the offer has expired 3 months ago.

2. An interactive tutorial/help context always helps a novice user to discover the app better. The Help section could have been targeted better on the Home screen where its right in front of the consumers to see it in action rather to dig in the ‘Settings’ section.

3. Although, it has covered some of the major brands, the real party will start once its rolled out with complete set of features and Brand list. The app on listening to the advertisement not only gives out the offer but also categorizes it accordingly with locating the nearest store of that brand from you. The simpler it makes the life for a shopaholic, the more irresistible it becomes to use the application.

4. The ‘Buy’ option can do a lot more than just a modal dialog box popping up stating to ‘avail this offer at the store’. Mobile shopping can be integrated from the app itself in the future, with the user not going to the store and buying it at their own convenience to be delivered later to their house with virtual money system.

5. The App is a great feature to have, but with more than 500 downloads, it is yet to be seen if people will actually continue and use it to an extent. Brands need to ink out deals for WooMe users on the ongoing ads on TV and radio to popularize the application and compel users to use it.

With new apps like DelightCircle and MintM circling the physical markets and WooMe trying out a hand at TV and Radio, the virtual shopping experience for the consumers with mobiles is sure to be better in the coming days. WooMe has indeed “wooed me” with its concept, how about you?