Google AuthorRank is going to shake up inbound marketing and SEO in a big way.   The concept of AuthorRank is that your reputation as a content creator will influence the ranking of search results.  Of course, AuthorRank will not negate the importance of PageRank.  Instead, AuthorRank data will be utilized to make search engine results smarter—ranking search results according to influence and reputation as a content creator and weeding out spam and unoriginal content from top search rankings.  Essentially, AuthorRank is Google’s solution for effectively indexing and judging constant streams of content.

How Can You Fare Well Under the AuthorRank System?

You must be active on Google+.  Create a robust a Google+ profile—featuring your main content topics in your introduction.  Work to increase your influence and credibility on Google+; be truly engaged and participate on the social network on a frequent and consistent basis.  Share great content often.  Build online relationships with top influencers and thought leaders in your industry.  Invest time in setting up Google Authorship.  Properly link all your relevant content from across the web to your Google+ profile.  Set up author verification on your company blog and wherever else you publish original content.  You could have your face showing up next to your content in search results.  Get credit where credit is due.

The Real Hurdle to Success: Original, Engaging and Influential Content

You need to create content that leaves a real impression.  You need readers to like it so much that they share it on all their social networks.  Nothing short of amazing content is what you need to build your personal brand as a quality content creator.   Creating useful, information-rich content will always be appreciated.  Speak to the needs of your readers and prospective clients.  Make frequently asked questions and common industry issues a focus of your content and provide unique solutions.  However, to create highly shared content, you need to go a step further.  You need to have a fresh perspective and put your own unique spin on things.

Let us assume that your content accomplishes all the above goals.  Now, what can you do to amplify the impact of your content across the internet?  Generating backlinks from other websites back to your content carries a lot of weight, and there are various ways to accomplish this.  Contributing as a guest blogger is a good idea.  However, you should only do so for high-quality websites.  Being associated with low-quality content full of regurgitated information and grammatical errors could negatively influence your AuthorRank.

The takeaway here is simple; be choosy.  You do not have to jump at the chance to contribute, if the opportunity is subpar.  A few excellent guest posts on respected sites are better than many more on low-quality sites.    Quality should outweigh quantity.  Submitting your original content to syndication sites like Business 2 Community and Social Media Today are good options, as they can significantly increase your reach and help build your personal brand as an influential content creator.

AuthorRank is going to be extremely important to inbound marketers and SEO professionals.  It is best to strike, while the iron is hot.  Act now, so you do not get left in the dust.  You want your content to shine brightly under the Google AuthorRank system.  Do what you need to enable your Google+ profile and Google Authorship before your search rankings are negatively affected.  AuthorRank will be a challenge to navigate.  Good luck; here is to you becoming an AuthorRank star.